Colorado Rental Agreement Templates

Colorado Rental Agreement

The Colorado rental agreements are contracts established between a landlord and a tenant who will use a rental property in exchange for regular rent payments (usually monthly). These contracts establish the rules, terms, and conditions for the property, and must comply with Colorado’s landlord-tenant law.


Colorado Residential Lease Agreement

Colorado residential lease agreement is a contract used by landlords to set up a rental arrangement on a monthly basis with a lessee (tenant). The length is usually one (1) year but may be any term as agreed upon by the parties involved. It is recommended in Colorado that a property owner seek the validation of the prospective tenant’s profile by having them fill out a credit application. This will allow the landlord to review the applicant’s job, credit, and background report/history to ensure it is valid and that they qualify for tenancy. The required disclosures listed below should be forwarded along with the residential lease agreement to provide pertinent information in regard to the leased property.

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Colorado Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

The Colorado month-to-month lease agreement is a contract binding two parties together in a rental arrangement (landlord and tenant) that allows the tenant to renew the lease each month. This is typically for temporary rental situations where the landlord and tenant do not want to enter into a long term binding agreement. This way, either party may terminate the contract with written notice to one another (there is usually a specified time, typically one (1) month).

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Colorado Rental Application Form

The Colorado rental application form is used to evaluate whether a potential renter is the right choice for their property. The information collected provides insight into rental history, income, and other factors that can help the landlord to make an informed decision.

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Colorado Roommate Agreement

A Colorado roommate agreement, a popular informal contract with college students, acts as a tool to solidify the rules and relationships in a household between two or more people cohabiting in a residence. Such an agreement should preclude the terms listed in the Master Lease. However, since the Master Lease will only apply to the Main Tenant who has signed it, a separate agreement should be developed and executed between all the roommates in a domicile. While the Master Tenant cannot agree to any specifics entered on this form that surpasses those on the Master Lease, certain facts such as each the rental period, rent amount, and rent due date should be put on paper. In many cases, this provides security to each participant and guidelines for each roommate’s responsibilities.

Roommates should make it a point to meet and discuss the individual items required on this form. This will provide a clear level of communication that each individual will enjoy. Once the items have been discussed and agreed upon, they should be filled in. Each roommate should read the completed document then provide their acknowledgment through a binding signature upon approval.

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Colorado Commercial Lease Agreement

The Colorado commercial lease agreement is a contract used by a business to rent office or retail spaces. This written document establishes the relationship between a landlord and a tenant or business and describes the terms and conditions associated with renting commercial spaces.

In the state of Colorado, many businesses will join into a commercial lease with a landlord because they need their business to have a face. This is a very important thing to consider when you own a business, and the lease is going to be very similar to a residential rental agreement that you may have. This type of agreement is typically set for a longer term than others, and if the tenant has a low credit score, a guarantor may be required to get the rental agreement started.

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Colorado Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – No maximum security deposit amount required by State law.

Returning – One (1) month after lease termination or surrender of premises, whichever occurs last (unless specified in an agreement, but must not exceed sixty (60) days) (§ 38-12-103(1)).

Colorado Required Disclosures

No specific disclosures are required by State law.

Lead-Based Paint – Tenant must be made aware of the possibility of lead-based paint used in houses constructed before January 1, 1978 (in accordance with Federal law).

Colorado Rent Grace Period

No rent grace period in the state of Colorado; if tenant fails to pay rent the landlord can post a 3-day demand for compliance.

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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