Hawaii Rental Agreement Templates

Hawaii Rental Agreement

Hawaii lease agreements is a real estate contract that allows a person to rent property from someone else. This includes apartments, rooms, and houses. A potential tenant is commonly screened using a rental application and once approved a lease is signed. The tenant will need to pay 1st month’s rent and a security deposit immediately after signing.


Hawaii Residential Lease Agreement

The Hawaii residential lease agreement (“rental agreement”) is used to formalize an agreement between a landlord and tenant to rent real property in exchange for rent payments. The contract includes terms and conditions outlining the responsibilities of each party. A common lease term is for one year.

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Hawaii Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

The Hawaii month-to-month rental agreement allows a person to be able to rent residential space from a landlord on a monthly basis. This means that either party may issue a notice at any time to change or void the agreement (as long as the minimum termination notice period is adhered to). It is recommended that the landlord seek one (1) months’ security deposit and one (1) months’ rent in the chance there is property damage or the tenant does not pay their rent.

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Hawaii Rental Application Form

Hawaii rental application allows a landlord or sublessor to view a tenant’s credit and background information. This simply allows the landlord to verify the tenant’s income, their employment history, credit score, and verify with previous landlords that the applicant doesn’t have a negative rental history. The landlord is allowed to charge a non-refundable fee for this service ($25 to $50) and it should take no more than 2 to 3 days for a decision to be made.

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Hawaii Roommate Agreement

The Hawaii roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) must be signed by all co-tenants in a shared living space. This contract outlines the financial responsibilities of each tenant and may include the terms and conditions associated with sharing the space, as well as rules and regulations that co-tenants must adhere to.

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Hawaii Commercial Lease Agreement 

The Hawaii commercial lease agreement is a contract used to rent a commercial space for business use. This written document establishes the relationship between the landlord and a tenant or business. It is often more complicated than a residential lease agreement because they involve a significant amount of money.

A commercial lease agreement is a legally binding contract between a landlord who owns a commercial property and a tenant who wishes to rent the commercial property with the intention to operate a business. The commercial property being rented generally falls into a retail, office or industrial space category.

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Hawaii Disclosures

Property Condition Form (§ 521-42(6)) – Prior to any written agreement, the landlord must provide a copy of the condition of the premises in addition to any furnishings or appliances.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Federal law requires all landlords/managers to give this disclosure to all new tenants if the property was constructed before the year 1978.

Identification (§ 521-43) – Landlord must disclose any persons allowed onto the premises. In addition, the landlord must provide their tax excise number to the tenant so that they may be able to file for a low-income tax credit if they qualify.

Hawaii Security Deposits

Maximum (§ 521-44) – Landlord may not request more than one (1) month’s rent from the tenant. An extra fee may be added if the tenant has a pet.

Returning (§ 521-44) – Landlord must return the deposit within fourteen (14) days from the termination date.

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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