We researched the most common questions landlords ask and our team of experts answered them for you.

How Do I Avoid Bad Tenants?

The best way to avoid bad tenants is simple: do thorough tenant screening on ALL tenants that you are considering. In the past, this process has been made complicated by companies selling many different screening packages but Rentler’s tenant...

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How Do I Evict a Tenant?

If the time has come to evict a tenant, there are a few things you should do to keep it legal and avoid a costly lawsuit. While laws vary from state to state, here’s a basic rundown of how the process should go. 1. Brush Up on Landlord Law The Landlord and Tenant...

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What if I have vacancies that need to be filled?

You may be experiencing more vacancies than usual during this time. Don’t panic! There are still ways to get people into your rental without breaking social distancing rules. Schedule virtual tours. Upload a tour of your rental on YouTube or FaceTime for potential...

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