Delaware Rental Agreement Templates

Delaware Rental Agreement

The Delaware rental agreements are documents between a landlord and tenant for the use of real property. These contracts state the amount of the rent, when it is due (usually monthly), as well as other terms associated with the use of the property. These agreements must follow Delaware’s landlord-tenant law.


Delaware Residential Lease Agreement

Delaware residential lease agreement is a legally binding rental contract that allows a tenant and landlord to negotiate terms and conditions of the residential tenancy. Both parties should come to an agreement over the rental price and who will pay for the utilities (electricity, water, heat, etc) before the lease is signed. It is also recommended that the landlord obtain a completed credit application from the tenant to make sure that they are qualified to pay the rent every month. Once the contract is authorized by both parties, the document is legal and both parties will be bound by its terms until the end of the term (typically one (1) year).

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Delaware Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

The Delaware month-to-month rental agreement allows a tenant to rent from a landlord for one month at a time with no end date. The landlord will collect a one-month security deposit and monthly rent payments. This contract renews each month until either party chooses to cancel (with proper notice).

The month-to-month residential lease is an agreement between a landlord and a tenant for one month of residency.  This type of lease is automatically renewed each month unless terminated by the landlord or tenant in accordance with state regulations.  While it is not legally advised, if there is no verbal or written residential lease agreement, it is implied to operate on a month-to-month basis.

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Delaware Rental Application Form

The Delaware rental application form is a document that landlords use to collect personal information from prospective tenants. The information requested relates to rental history, eviction history, and financial information that landlords factor into their decision on who to rent the property to.

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Delaware Roommate Agreement

A Delaware roommate agreement was developed as a quick and convenient tool for roommates who wish to have a legal document containing the terms and conditions of a living situation. Since this form that can be edited, the roommates may include topics that are specific to their needs. This document is versatile enough to cover many situations and will provide an opportunity to include state-specific provisions when appropriate.

This agreement can also help on-campus living situations avoid future misunderstandings by documenting the responsibilities of each person on the lease. Once this document is signed, it becomes legally binding.

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Delaware Commercial Lease Agreement 

Delaware commercial lease agreement establishes a landlord-tenant relationship between an individual or entity and an owner of commercial property. The parties will use the agreement to set forth the rental conditions including the contract term (length of lease), monthly rent, and the frequency of payments. Also to be negotiated in the contract is whether the document will be a triple net (NNN), modified gross, or gross lease arrangement. These options will decide whether the tenant will be responsible for paying all expenses associated with the use of the property (e.g., electrical, heating, plumbing), a portion of the property expenses, or none of the expenses at all. The landlord will usually require a thorough credit check on the tenant to confirm that they can afford the rent payments.

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Delaware Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – One (1) month’s rent if the tenancy is one (1) year or more; no limit for dwellings that come furnished (§ 5514(a)).

Returning – Landlord shall return the security deposit to the tenant within twenty (20) days of termination of the tenancy (§ 5514(e)).

Delaware Required Disclosures

Landlord-Tenant Code – Landlord must furnish this compilation of statutes to a tenant at the beginning of a residential tenancy (§ 5118).

Lead-Based Paint – Tenant must be provided this disclosure form if the property they are renting was constructed prior to the 1st of January, 1978.

Delaware Rent Grace Period

A fee for late payment of rent cannot be charged until five (5) days have passed after the payment date; however, if the landlord does not have an office located in the county in which the rental property is located, the tenant is given eight (8) days grace period to pay rent after the payment date (§ 5501 (d)).

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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