Atlanta Property Management Companies

August 7, 2023

Atlanta Property Management Companies

Specialized Property Management Atlanta

Specialized offers a comprehensive suite of residential property management services, leveraging technology to deliver superior outcomes. Their primary focus areas are effective communication, maximizing your investment returns, and simplifying the leasing process. They utilize Rental-iQ, an innovative program that offers valuable market insights and automates labor-intensive property management tasks, to provide unparalleled service. This advanced tool aids in key areas such as pricing, marketing strategies, and tenant services, enabling us to deliver optimal results for your rental property.

Their marketing services are enhanced by the ability to create bespoke rental listings, conduct both virtual and in-person property showings, implement thorough tenant screening processes, and manage leasing procedures in compliance with Georgia landlord-tenant laws. This comprehensive approach allows you to start generating rental income efficiently and effortlessly.

Throughout the lease term, they offer a 24/7 helpline staffed by real people, ready to address any issues promptly and effectively. Their management team also handles crucial tasks such as rent collection, lease renewals, evictions, and essential accounting services like bill payment and monthly financial reporting. 

Clients 1st Property Management Specialists

  • Address: 309 Creekstone Ridge, Woodstock, GA 30188
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 678-569-4005
  • Website:

Established in 2010, Clients 1st Property Management Specialists is a leading full-service property management and real estate firm that serves the metro Atlanta area and its surroundings. With a focus on residential management, Clients 1st boasts over 60 years of combined experience and takes pride in their expertise in negotiations and customer service. This experience enables them to quickly move rentals at top market value.

Ideal for both current and aspiring investors, Clients 1st often has inventory to share with portfolio members. They also offer an in-house design team for renovation needs. The company understands that renters’ needs change, and they adapt to provide the residences people want to call home. Their philosophy is simple: if you’re not profiting, neither are they.

The Clients 1st team handles all the hard work, including tenant relations, rent collection, bi-annual detailed inspections, maintenance, and property buying and selling when necessary. All listings, including rentals, are secured with a Realtor electronic lockbox, accessible only by licensed Real Estate Professionals. 

Accredited by the Better Business Bureau and a member of the National Association of Realtors and National Association Residential Property Managers, Clients 1st also has strong military ties. The owner’s son is a proud US Army Ranger, the Sales Manager is married to a retired Air Force member, and the Maintenance Manager is a retired Navy veteran. The firm holds various designations, including CRB, GRI, MRP, and PMC.

Exclusive Association Management

Exclusive provides a wide array of residential property management services tailored to both individual properties and entire communities. They also offer real estate services to assist you in generating rental income in Atlanta.

When you partner with Exclusive, you’ll receive a free market analysis to help you identify suitable properties for leasing. They also provide investment consultation and budgeting support to ensure a smooth and profitable rental process.

For property owners, Exclusive offers a thorough rental analysis, including an initial inspection to strategically price your property and discover opportunities to boost its rental value.

Exclusive’s services range from leasing-only and management-only options to a comprehensive full-service management package that covers all aspects of property management.

During the rental period, Exclusive manages all tenant communication, offers prompt emergency support, collects rent, responds to maintenance requests via their 24/7 tenant portal, and oversees evictions or lease renewals between terms.

Exclusive’s full-service community management includes individualized services for properties within the community. This encompasses essential tasks such as bill payment, budgeting, bookkeeping, project management, common area upkeep, dues collection, enforcement of HOA rules, legal compliance assurance, and any other services necessary for your community’s success and growth.

Atlanta Property Management Group

Atlanta Property Management Group, with branches in both Atlanta and Avondale Estates, offers comprehensive residential property management services. Their offerings include robust marketing strategies, a meticulous 10-step tenant screening process, maintenance handled by a fully licensed and insured affiliate company, tenant evictions, and rent collection.

If any pets are housed on the property, the broker commits to repairing any pet-related damage up to $1,500 per animal. The company also provides a tenant guarantee, promising that if a tenant fails to fulfill the first year of their rental agreement, the property will be re-rented without any additional tenant procurement fees.

Owners are assured of quality service with Atlanta Property Management Group, and if dissatisfaction occurs, the most recent monthly management fee will be refunded. The agreement can also be terminated at any time without penalties. For those owners who prefer to manage their properties independently, the group also provides lease-only services.

Mega Agent Rental Management Georgia

Mega Agent’s goal is to enhance your earnings, increase the enduring worth of your property and community, and deliver personalized services for residential property and association management.

Mega Agent provides a complimentary rental analysis and first-time consultation for residential properties, enabling them to comprehend your property and devise a thorough strategy to achieve your financial objectives.

They also offer expert leasing services to swiftly secure a top-notch tenant, ensuring complete legal adherence during the entire leasing procedure.

Their management offerings encompass tenant interaction, inspections, overseeing maintenance, and additional services.

For HOAs and communities, they offer support in administration, board structuring, and accounting services. These can assist in organization, enhancing communication, dues collection, and budget adherence through a program that simplifies management and minimizes human error with automatic updates and processing.

Continuing the discussion of property management excellence, Augusta property management companies stand out as a formidable player in the industry. With a strong presence in the Augusta area, they specialize in both residential and commercial properties, offering a range of services tailored to meet the diverse needs of property owners and investors. Augusta property management is renowned for its strategic approach to property management, which includes comprehensive market analysis, aggressive marketing tactics, and meticulous tenant screening processes. Their argument for choosing their services is compelling: they not only aim to maximize your investment returns but also ensure the longevity and well-being of your property. This is achieved through regular maintenance, efficient handling of tenant issues, and adherence to all local property regulations. Their commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction positions them as a top choice for anyone seeking reliable and professional property management services in the Augusta area.

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