TenantCloud vs TurboTenant vs RentRedi: Navigating Property Management Software Choices

February 26, 2024

Property Management Software

In the realm of real estate management, property management software is a game-changer, significantly enhancing efficiency and organization. It streamlines various aspects of managing rental properties, from tenant screening and rent collection to maintenance requests and financial reporting. This technology not only simplifies communications between landlords, and  tenants, but also provides a centralized platform for handling all property-related tasks. By utilizing such software, landlords and property managers can reduce manual workload, minimize errors, and improve overall property oversight, making it an indispensable tool in modern property management.


TenantCloud is a cloud-based platform catering to small landlords, property managers, tenants, and service professionals. It offers a comprehensive suite of tools including online rent payment, communication channels, accounting functionalities, rental management, property listings, marketing resources, digital document signing, secure data storage, and maintenance request coordination, all designed to streamline the rental property management process.


Key Features  and Benefits

  • Applicants & Tenants: Includes tenant screening, rental applications, online leases, handling roommates, maintenance requests, rent reporting, and maintenance bidding.
  • Marketing Tools: Offers a listing website, automatic listing syndication, and access to premium leads with lead tracking capabilities.
  • Financial Management: Facilitates online payments, accounting, customizable reports, and rentability reports.
  • Lease Management & Integration: Features auto pay, e-signing for leases, and Google Calendar synchronization.
  • Team Collaboration: Allows for team management, a property message board, and provides priority support for queries.

TenantCloud Pricing

TenantCloud service accommodates a diverse range of preferences and financial plans by offering four distinct pricing options.



  • Starts at $15.60 /month
  • Unlimited property listings
  • eSignatures
  • Text messaging
  • ACH rent payments
  • Autopayments
  • Screenings
  • 1 Gb of storage
  • Maintenance requests
  • Vendor network access
  • Google Calendar sync


  • Starts at $29.30 /month
  • Lease builder
  • Landlord forms
  • Property message board
  • 200 service reminders
  • Extended equipment management
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Multiple bank account connections
  • Individual owner portal


  • Starts at $50.40 /month
  • Premium leads for listings
  • Tax reporting
  • Vendor network
  • Unlimited leases


  • Customized pricing
  • Team management and tools
  • Task management
  • Listings auto-refresh


TurboTenant is a versatile property management software aimed at simplifying the management tasks for landlords and property managers. It’s designed to serve a broad spectrum of users, from novice landlords to seasoned residential investors, and is adaptable to various property types. The software is widely used across different sectors including residential landlords, real estate investors, rental property owners, and rental property managers, catering to their unique needs in the industry.


Key Features  and Benefits

  • Rental Advertising: Landlords receive an average of 28 leads per listing, enhancing property visibility.
  • Renter Applications: Enables landlords to confidently select the ideal tenant for their rental property.
  • Screening Reports: Provides landlords with comprehensive insights into potential tenants’ financial, criminal, and eviction history at no cost.
  • Leases, Forms, & Documents: A centralized hub for managing all leasing, documentation, and maintenance needs efficiently in one place.
  • Rent Payments: Simplifies the rent collection process, making it convenient for both landlords and tenants.
  • Customer Support: Offers dedicated assistance to address any queries or issues, ensuring a seamless rental management experience.

TurboTenant Pricing

TurboTenant offers two pricing tiers: a free version and a premium version. Both plans include features such as advertising, lead management, rental applications, tenant screening, rent payments, expense tracking, messaging, maintenance requests, document management, and chat support. 

Turbotenant Pricing


  • No fees or contracts – ever.
  • Unlimited property listings
  • Applications and screening
  • State-specific leases
  • Online rent collection
  • Maintenance requests


  • $10.75/month
  • Everything in Free plan, plus:
  • Priority listing review
  • Lower screening fees for tenants
  • Unlimited lease agreements
  • Expedited rent payouts


RentRedi stands out as an all-encompassing real estate management solution, offering affordability and utility for both large and small landlords. The platform’s web and mobile applications streamline operations by automating rent collection, tenant screening and verification, custom application creation, vacancy listing, lease e-signing, and repair tracking, thereby enhancing efficiency and improving business operations.


Key Features  and Benefits

RentRedi delivers a suite of landlord-focused features to streamline property management:

  • Rent Payments: Facilitates easy, fee-free mobile and online rent collection with dedicated apps for landlords and tenants.
  • Tenant Screening: Quick tenant prequalification and screening, accessible via mobile app.
  • Maintenance Management: Offers options for direct handling or outsourcing maintenance requests.
  • Property Listing & Marketing: Enables efficient vacancy filling with syndicated listings and unlimited marketing pages.
  • Communication & Support: Provides unlimited property and tenant communication with access to 5-star support.
  • Lease Signing & Document Sharing: Streamlines the lease signing process and document sharing within the app.
  • Affordable Renter’s Insurance: Partners with Sure to offer low-cost insurance options for tenants.

Also, here are the main of tenant-focused features designed to enhance rental experiences:

  • Flexible Rent Payment Options: Offers multiple payment methods, including cash deposits at retail locations through a partnership with Chime.
  • Affordable Insurance Options: In collaboration with Sure insurance, tenants have access to cost-effective insurance solutions.
  • Credit Score Improvement: Enables tenants to report on-time rent payments to credit bureaus like TransUnion and Experian via the RentRedi app, aiding in credit score enhancement.

RentRedi  Pricing

Subscription pricing for RentRedi begins at $12 per month with the annual payment option. Alternatively, the software offers a monthly billing option at $29.95, or a semi-annual billing option at $19.95 per month, providing flexibility to accommodate different budgetary and payment preferences.

Rentredi Pricing


In concluding our comprehensive comparison, it’s evident that each platform offers a distinct set of advantages tailored to the diverse needs of property management. 

TenantCloud stands as a comprehensive solution for small to mid-sized landlords and property managers, offering extensive tools for managing rentals, from tenant screening to maintenance requests, enhancing operational efficiency. 

TurboTenant excels in its ability to generate high-quality leads and streamline the rental application process, making it a powerful tool for landlords seeking to minimize vacancies and select the best tenants. 

On the other hand, RentRedi, known for its affordability and user-friendly interface, simplifies various aspects of property management from rent collection to tenant screening, suitable for landlords of all sizes. 

Ultimately, the choice depends on the specific needs and priorities of the landlord or property manager, with each software offering unique features to optimize property management processes.

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