Comparing Property Management Spokane: Top Companies for Quality Service

November 3, 2023

Property Management Spokane

Call Realty Property Management

  • Address:  12623 E Sprague Ave, Ste 4, Spokane Valley, WA 99216
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 509-921-9898
  • Website:

For nearly three decades, Call Realty has been a beacon of excellence in comprehensive residential property management. Their dedication to top-tier customer service, attentive tenant care, and maximizing profitability has set them apart in the industry. Recognizing the curiosity of property owners, Call Realty offers a no-obligation rental analysis, shedding light on the property’s potential earnings and rentability. Their all-inclusive management package promises tenant placement and routine oversight without any hidden charges.

In the quest to fill your vacant property, Call Realty employs a mix of local and digital channels for maximum visibility. Their licensed professionals conduct property showings, and rigorous background checks ensure you land trustworthy tenants in no time. They also take the reins on security deposit and lease management, ensuring every aspect aligns with legal standards and safeguards your interests. As they shoulder all tenant interactions and daily tasks, you can relish the peace of mind, watching rent seamlessly flow into your account each month.

Also, they pride themselves on open communication lines, underscored by round-the-clock emergency support. From collecting rent, settling bills, overseeing lease renewals or terminations, to coordinating maintenance without any markup, they’ve got it all covered. And for those keen on keeping a finger on the pulse, Call Realty offers online access to monthly financial overviews anytime you wish.

Black Realty Management, Inc.

Black Realty Management, Inc. is unwavering in its commitment to offer accessible, streamlined, and impactful property management solutions to every valued client, regardless of the property’s specific category. For over six decades, this esteemed firm has been a beacon for a diverse range of clients throughout the vibrant Spokane region. With a legacy of excellence, the company boasts a vast array of tailor-made services designed to cater to the distinct requirements of its discerning clientele. This suite of services spans a wide spectrum, from astute asset management and comprehensive on-site commercial engineering to meticulous accounting, insightful acquisition and disposition advice, innovative leasehold enhancements, and expert handling of ad valorem tax appeals.

R.H. Cooke and Associates, Inc.

  • Address: 503 E. 2nd Ave., Spokane, WA 99202
  • Service Types: Residential, commercial, and HOA
  • Phone number: 509-327-2282
  • Website:

R.H Cooke and Associates offer a comprehensive suite of rental property services, from market analysis and buying support to tenant placement and ongoing management. They assist in property acquisition for leasing, prepare properties for rent with initial inspections, and ensure high-quality listings on online platforms. Their tenant placement includes thorough background checks and custom lease agreements. Throughout the lease duration, they manage tenant communication, maintenance, rent collection via their app, and provide financial summaries on the owner portal. For communities and HOAs, they offer services like board meeting organization, common area upkeep, legal compliance, and community engagement to enhance the living experience.

Moland Management Company, Inc.

Moland is a full-service property management firm committed to amplifying your real estate investment’s value. They craft solutions that cater to your unique requirements, ensuring both property and tenant needs are met, and maximizing your rental income. To help you set a realistic budget and expectations, Moland offers a complimentary initial rental analysis, pinpointing your listing’s fair market value.

To ensure your property gets the attention it deserves, Moland launches expansive advertising campaigns across all major listing platforms. They also take tenant screening seriously, delving into potential renters’ criminal, rental, and financial backgrounds. This thorough vetting minimizes risks associated with tenant negligence or delinquency, ultimately saving you potential future costs.

Moland’s all-inclusive management packages cover every landlord responsibility, from timely communication to efficient rent collection via their online portal. They’re also on standby for routine maintenance and 24/7 emergencies. Plus, with Moland, you’re assured of legally compliant renewal and eviction processes. Their accounting services are the cherry on top, allowing you to monitor your investment anytime, from anywhere.

Goodale & Barbieri Company

  • Address: 818 West Riverside #300, Spokane, WA 99201
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 800-572-9181
  • Website:

Since 1937, Goodale & Barbieri Company has been at the forefront of property management in Spokane. As a leading manager in the Inland Northwest, they offer a wide range of services, from representing both landlords and tenants to handling commercial leases. They also oversee annual budgeting, financial documentation, operations, and regular upkeep. Furthermore, they hold esteemed memberships in several housing associations, such as BOMA International and the National Association of Realtors.

While the Spokane property management companies have established a strong presence in their local market, it’s important to broaden our perspective and look at the evolving scene of Seattle Property Management. The companies in Seattle are renowned for their cutting-edge methods and all-encompassing services, adeptly serving a varied and ever-changing market. They excel in navigating the specific challenges of Seattle’s competitive real estate scene. Offering more than just standard property management, they integrate advanced technology and possess a nuanced understanding of Seattle’s unique urban dynamics. This positions them as an excellent choice for property owners who are in search of a perfect mix of traditional expertise and contemporary innovation in the management of their real estate assets.

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