Albuquerque Property Management Companies

October 15, 2023

Albuquerque Property Management Companies

Corder & Company

  • Address: 2207 Golf Course Rd SE Suite B, Rio Rancho, NM 87124
  • Service Types: Residential, commercial and HOA
  • Phone number: 505-896-7700
  • Website:

Corder & Company prides itself on providing comprehensive services tailored to meet the diverse needs of investors, property owners, and association board members. Their expert team specializes in both residential and commercial properties, ensuring that every aspect of your property is meticulously managed.

When it comes to real estate, Corder & Company’s division excels in market research and property acquisition. Their expertise allow them to identify lucrative investment opportunities, ensuring that you start off on the right foot with a property that guarantees a positive return on investment. 

Existing property owners also benefit from Corder & Company’s exceptional services. By conducting thorough rental analyses, they provide you with a clear understanding of the potential rental income your property can generate. Armed with this information, you can make informed decisions about your property’s future and confidently move forward with the necessary steps.

Utilizing a multifaceted marketing approach that includes MLS listings, online rental sites, and local mediums, Corder & Company ensures maximum exposure to potential tenants. Each applicant is subjected to a rigorous screening process, minimizing the risk associated with tenant selection.

Also, they take care of all tenant needs, acting as the point of contact for communication and maintenance requests. Additionally, their efficient online tenant portal allows for timely rent collection, while the owner portal provides regular updates to keep you informed about the status of your property.

Deacon Property Services

  • Address: 4308 Carlisle Blvd NE Suite 202, Albuquerque, NM 87107
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 505-878-0100
  • Website:

Since its inception in 1989, Deacon Property Services has dedicated itself to fulfilling the ever-increasing demand for exceptional property management services. They specialize in residential properties within both urban and rural settings throughout the expansive Albuquerque metro area.

Committed to providing utmost convenience and peace of mind for property owners, Deacon Property Services offers a diverse array of services tailored to meet their unique needs and requirements. The meticulous leasing process ensures that only the most qualified and deserving individuals gain access to their properties. This rigorous screening process encompasses comprehensive checks on credit, criminal background, and employment history.

Going above and beyond for their clients, property owners are granted round-the-clock access to comprehensive reports and financial documents. Additionally, the company has revolutionized communication during tenancy with an innovative online portal. This portal offers tenants a seamless platform to lodge maintenance requests, handle rental proceeds, and engage in other essential correspondences.

Keyway Properties, Inc.

  • Address: 9998 Montgomery Blvd NE Suite B, Albuquerque, NM 87111
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 505-289-0928
  • Website:

Keyway is dedicated to offering unparalleled service, emphasizing clear communication, meeting your tenants’ needs, and safeguarding your property to optimize your return on investment. They recognize the criticality of swiftly securing a high-quality tenant to fill your vacancy, enabling you to start generating income sooner, reducing your expenses, and enhancing your profitability through more conscientious property upkeep.

Every tenant sourced through Keyway’s leasing services undergoes a comprehensive screening process, which includes checking rental and criminal history, verifying income, and more, ensuring only top-tier candidates are considered for your vacancy. Additionally, they craft customized leases that comply with local laws and regulations, providing you peace of mind. Keyway’s in-house maintenance team is committed to providing cost-effective and timely maintenance, inspections, and renovations, ensuring your property is well-maintained throughout the lease term.

Furthermore, Keyway facilitates various online payment methods for your tenants, ensuring you receive timely payments and can depend on a consistent income. 

Elevated Management Group

Elevated offers comprehensive rental management solutions, from tenant acquisition to tenancy oversight, enabling you to earn passive income without any prior management knowledge. Their efficient services aim to promptly secure tenants, reducing your expenses and boosting profitability. They ensure that every tenant they place is dependable for steady income and property upkeep. This is achieved through their all-inclusive leasing offerings, which encompass marketing, property viewings, tenant screenings, and legally compliant custom leasing, ensuring your financial interests are always safeguarded. Elevated utilizes AppFolio’s digital tenant platform, facilitating round-the-clock rent payments, maintenance inquiries, and communications, making it convenient for tenants to pay rent and ensuring you receive consistent payments. Additionally, at the end of each lease period, Elevated assesses current market conditions and can renew the lease at competitive rates, ensuring you maximize your earnings.

LOE Property Management, LLC

At LOE Property Management, their team is committed to delivering unparalleled full-service residential real estate investment services. Their comprehensive management solutions not only ensure the seamless operation of client properties but also serve to elevate their overall desirability and augment their investment value exponentially.

LOE Property Management provides a meticulous evaluation of strategic marketing plans, aimed at minimizing vacancy rates that tend to plague property owners. Moreover, all inspections and tenant screenings are conducted in-house, guaranteeing utmost efficiency and reliability. Rest assured, every prospective tenant is subjected to rigorous assessments, encompassing credit, employment, and criminal background checks, thereby safeguarding your valuable investment.

To further streamline the rental process, they ensure that all necessary legal forms, tax documents, and rental agreements are conveniently accessible for property owners to review and peruse online. In addition, tenants are afforded the luxury of an online portal, providing unparalleled convenience for rental proceeds and maintenance requests, thus enhancing their overall living experience.

However, when considering property management options, it’s crucial to look beyond the Albuquerque area and explore, for example, the offerings of Colorado Springs property management companies. These companies stand out due to their specialized knowledge of the Colorado Springs real estate market, ensuring that property owners and investors receive tailored strategies that align with local market trends and regulations. Their expertise in this specific geographic area means they can offer more targeted and effective property management solutions, making them a superior choice for anyone with properties in Colorado Springs.

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