Augusta Property Management Companies

October 9, 2023

Augusta Property Management Companies

Bridges Realty, LLC

Bridges Realty stands out due to their exceptional communication skills and unwavering commitment to safeguarding your assets. They employ various measures to reduce the potential risks associated with leasing, offering guarantees that shield landlords from frequent issues like pet-related damages and evictions. Property owners can claim up to $1,500 for damages from sanctioned pets. Additionally, if eviction becomes necessary, Bridges Realty will manage the process, even representing you in court. Their comprehensive services range from the initiation of a lease to its conclusion, relieving you from the daily stresses of property management. They offer a suite of leasing services: setting the right price, advertising on the MLS and other prominent rental platforms, organizing property viewings, thorough tenant vetting, and lease preparation. They even promise to find a tenant within three weeks, or they’ll offer two months of free management. Furthermore, if a tenant breaks the lease, they’ll find a replacement without any extra charge. Throughout the lease period, they handle rent collection, maintenance coordination, tenant communication, lease renewals, eviction procedures, and even provide monthly financial reports


Augusta Partners Property Management

The team at Augusta Partners Property Management has a cumulative experience of 35 years in managing various properties like single-family homes, apartments, and duplexes. They advertise available properties on their website as well as on prominent real estate platforms. Potential tenants are rigorously screened through checks on their criminal background, past rental references, and credit scores. The professionals at Augusta Partners also handle move-in and move-out inspections, ensuring the collection of monthly rents and any other dues for the property owners.

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate

  • Address:  1030 Jimmie Dyess Parkway Suite 4, Augusta, GA 30909
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 706-364-5119
  • Website:

Better Homes & Gardens Real Estate offers comprehensive property management services, allowing you to experience the advantages of owning property without the associated burdens. They emphasize safeguarding your property and ensuring tenant happiness, with continuous support throughout the year. From advertising your vacant property, organizing viewings, vetting potential tenants, to creating leases in accordance with Georgia’s landlord-tenant rules, they’ve got it covered. They also mediate tenant disagreements, oversee rent collection, handle both regular and emergency maintenance, property evaluations, lease extensions, evictions, and more. For your financial insights, they offer an online portal that provides monthly statements.

Doorpost Management

With over four decades of expertise, Doorpost Management stands as a holistic property management solution catering to apartment and multifamily asset owners. They’ve mastered the nuances of repositioning, stabilizing, and enhancing investment properties.

To fill vacant properties, they blend modern social marketing with traditional media, ensuring they capture the attention of potential tenants. Their commitment to property value is evident in their integrated maintenance team, which performs cost-effective repairs with an eye for detail.

The team at Doorpost Management isn’t just about property, they’re about people. Their staff’s keen evaluation skills ensure they find and keep cooperative tenants, fostering a harmonious community atmosphere.

Doorpost Management offers a secure, intuitive online portal where residents can easily submit maintenance requests and pay rent from the comfort of their homes.

With a presence in multiple locations across the CSRA and further, they’re poised to serve a broad spectrum of residents. No matter the distance, their commitment to top-notch service remains unwavering.

Rex Property & Land, LLC

  • Address: 936 Broad Street Suite 107, Augusta, GA 30901
  • Service Types: Residential, commercial and HOA
  • Phone number: 706-722-4962
  • Website:

At Rex Property & Land, they pride themselves on offering a holistic approach to property management. If you’re seeking a new property or aiming to lease your current one, our all-encompassing management services are tailored for you. They cater to both residential and commercial properties as well as HOAs.

In the realm of investments, their brokerage services stand out. They delve deep into market trends and analyses to pinpoint the ideal investment opportunities tailored to your preferences. And if you’re new to the property investment scene, their buying assistance ensures a smooth start.

When it’s time to lease your property, they craft a captivating listing and showcase it on the Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and various online rental platforms, casting a wide net to potential tenants. Their rigorous screening process, which includes verifying rental histories and incomes, ensures you get reliable tenants.

They are also meticulous about legalities. Their custom lease agreements are crafted to align with Georgia’s Landlord-Tenant laws. And once the lease is in motion, their team steps into the landlord’s shoes, managing everything from tenant relations to property maintenance. They ensure a consistent cash flow with minimal overheads for you.

They are also adept at managing HOAs. They collaborate closely with board members, offering services ranging from administrative tasks like record-keeping and meeting facilitation to tax filings. Their comprehensive bookkeeping, maintenance services, and efficient dues collection ensure your community remains vibrant and well-managed.

Similar to counterparts in Augusta, Charlotte property management companies share a commitment to excellence in managing residential properties. Like the Augusta-based firms, they excel in offering comprehensive services that range from tenant screening and lease management to maintenance and financial reporting. Both sets of companies understand the importance of maintaining strong communication with property owners and tenants alike, ensuring a smooth and efficient management process.

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