Montana Rental Agreement Templates

Montana Rental Agreement

Montana rental agreements are legal contracts between a landlord and tenant for the use of the property. The tenant will be responsible for paying rent, utilities, and abiding by the rules and terms of the rental agreement during their stay on the property. Before leasing, the landlord will most likely seek a credit and background check at the cost of the tenant via a rental application.


Montana Residential Lease Agreement

The Montana residential lease agreement (“rental agreement”) is a legally binding contract between a residential property owner (landlord/lessor) and a tenant (lessee). The document allows the negotiated terms and conditions to be made in regards to the monthly rent payment, security deposit, term, utilities, and other agreed-upon items. 

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Montana Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

A Montana month-to-month rental agreement permits a lessor (“Landlord”) and lessee (“Tenant”) to enter into a binding rental agreement that may be voided or changed with at least thirty (30) days’ notice to the other party. The contract automatically renews upon payment by the tenant and all Montana Landlord-Tenant laws remain in effect just as a standard rental agreement. In addition, the same eviction laws are in effect which makes it highly recommended that the landlord accept a rental application before authorizing a contract. The most important details to verify is the tenant’s income by speaking with his or her employer and their credit score to view any outstanding debts. Once approved, this agreement should be drafted and sent to the lessee for authorization.

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Montana Rental Application Form

The Montana rental application form is a document that landlords can utilize during the tenant screening process. It allows landlords to access prospective tenants’ background information, including criminal and credit history and helps them choose the best tenant to rent or lease their property.

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Montana Roommate Agreement

A Montana roommate agreement is available for individuals wishing to cohabit a single residential rental. Essentially, this is a contract form developed with the general wording utilized by most (if not all) residential lease agreements coupled with that required to detail the internal agreement roommates intend to uphold.

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Montana Commercial Lease Agreement 

A Montana commercial lease agreement is a rental contract used to solidify terms and conditions with regard to rented retail, office, or industrial property. This type of agreement often involves more money than a residential lease agreement, therefore, the landlord may require that the tenant pay a large security deposit and/or provide a personal guaranty.

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Montana Disclosures

Mold Disclosure (§ 70-16-703) – Language is required in all rental contracts or this form to be attached to acknowledge that the landlord has no prior information about any mold existing on the premises.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Disclosure that is required for all residences built before 1978 to give notice to tenants that the paint on the interior may contain this hazardous substance.

Methamphetamine Drug Lab Disclosure (§ 75-10-1305(3)) – If the property has been used as a meth lab in the past, the landlord must disclose if the property has been remediated. This can be done by using the disclosure form and showing documents to the tenant that were submitted to the Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality that the property was remediated by a licensed contractor in accordance with the decontamination standards of § 75-10-1303.

Move-in Checklist (§ 70-25-206) – If the landlord accepts a security deposit this document must be attached to the lease and the tenant should inspect the property for pre-existing damage.

Landlord/Manager/Agent Identification (§ 70-24-301) – The person authorized to enter the premises must be stated in the lease in addition to an address for notices by the tenant.

Montana Security Deposits

Maximum – No limit. The landlord may ask for as much as desired.

Returning (§ 70-25-202) – All funds must be given back to the tenant within ten (10) days if there are no deductions to the deposit. If there are deductions an itemized statement must be given along with the funds being returned within 30 days.

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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