Mississippi Rental Agreement Templates

Mississippi Rental Agreement

Mississippi rental agreements allow a landlord (“Lessor”) and a tenant (“Lessee”) to come together in a real estate contract. The lessee agrees to rent the premises stated for monthly payments negotiated in the contract along with other standard terms and conditions. Landlords will often screen potential tenants by demanding that they undergo a credit application to measure their ability to pay rent. Once the agreement has been signed by both parties, it becomes legally binding.


Mississippi Residential Lease Agreement

The Mississippi residential lease agreement (“rental agreement”) is used to formalize an agreement between a landlord and tenant to rent real property in exchange for a fee. Governed by Mississippi landlord-tenant law, the contract includes terms and conditions outlining the responsibilities of each party. 

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Mississippi Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Mississippi month-to-month lease agreement is a preferred tenant arrangement where the lessee can occupy the property by paying rent every month but is not liable for a fixed term. The contract under the terms allows for the landlord or the tenant to be able to modify the agreement with thirty (30) days written notice to one another.

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Mississippi Rental Application Form

The Mississippi rental application form is a document sent out by landlords to prospective tenants to determine whether they are suitable tenants or not. The information requested relates to eviction history, rental history, and financial information which is used for background screening purposes.

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Mississippi Roommate Agreement

Mississippi roommate agreement is a document that anyone entering into a roommate situation can use to hold each other accountable. This agreement becomes legally binding once all parties have signed and, therefore, any tenant who breaks the agreement can experience serious repercussions. Furthermore, having a written record of the payments that each roommate agrees to make and has made (if there is a security deposit) will help prevent any dispute regarding financial matters. The contract covers food ownership, respect of others’ property, cleaning schedules, general activity guidelines, and the handling of utility accounts.

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Mississippi Commercial Lease Agreement 

Mississippi commercial lease agreement is a template used to bind two parties, a landlord and a tenant, to a commercial rental arrangement. Whereas the tenant is looking for a space to conduct their business, the landlord has a retail, office, or industrial property that they will rent to them for a monthly fee. The amount of rent is usually calculated through the square footage of the commercial space; however, the landlord may wish to simply designate a fixed amount for the property. Furthermore, the landlord may agree to pay for extra costs associated with the property such as utilities, taxes, etc. (“gross” agreement).

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Mississippi Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Federal law that requires any residential unit built prior to 1978 to have this form attached to any agreement to inform the lessees of the possibility of this hazard in the walls.

Mississippi Security Deposits

Maximum – There is no limit on how much the landlord may request.

Returning (§ 89-8-21) – The landlord must give the funds back to the tenant within forty-five (45) days after the date marking the end of the tenancy.

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