Louisiana Rental Agreement Templates

Louisiana Rental Agreement

The Louisiana rental agreements are documents that help establish a relationship between a landlord and a tenant for the use of real property. These contracts set the amount of the rent, the duration of the tenancy, and other terms. All agreements are subject to Louisiana landlord-tenant laws.


Louisiana Residential Lease Agreement

The Louisiana residential lease agreement (“rental agreement”) is a legally binding contract that helps establish rental terms and conditions for residential properties. The terms of the agreement can be negotiated by both parties prior to signing. Once signed, the tenant will pay rent in exchange for use of the property.

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Louisiana Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

Louisiana month-to-month rental agreement is used as a rental contract to rent residential property from a landlord that can be canceled at any time with a minimum 10 days’ notice. Although, it’s advised to have 30 days so each party has enough time to move out and find a new tenant.

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Louisiana Rental Application Form

The Louisiana rental application form is part of the application process that landlords utilize when choosing the perfect tenant to lease their property. It contains information such as criminal history and credit information that can be used to choose the best tenant to rent to. 

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Louisiana Roommate Agreement

The Louisiana Roommate Agreement may be easily obtained from this page by selecting the appropriate link below. You may open this form or you may download it. Make sure that you have the appropriate program to perform at least one of these actions. Usually, an up-to-date browser will be form friendly and will allow for the information requested to be entered directly onscreen or for the form to be printed.

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Louisiana Commercial Lease Agreement 

A Louisiana commercial lease agreement is a template used by property owners looking to rent out commercial space to a business entity. Commercial properties include office space, retail stores, industrial warehouses, and any other type of property designed for business use. A commercial rental arrangement will involve more thorough background checks on the landlord’s part as there is generally a lot more risk involved than one could expect from residential lease agreement signing. Before a contract is signed, the landlord and tenant should negotiate the terms and conditions of the lease. The landlord may be providing a space with all maintenance, taxes, expenses, etc. included (this is called a Gross Commercial Lease), the two parties may split all costs associated with the property (Modified Gross), or the tenant may be responsible for all expenses associated with the space (NNN). Once both parties have inscribed their signatures to the lease agreement, the document becomes legally valid and the parties are bound to the terms therein.

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Louisiana Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) –  There is no state-mandated limit for security deposits.

Returning – The security deposit must be returned within one (1) month of the tenancy’s termination date (§ 9:3251)

Louisiana Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint – If the rental property was developed before 1978, the landlord must have the tenant sign a disclosure form that states the possible (or known) presence of lead-based paint.

Louisiana  Rent Grace Period

There is no rent grace period for tenants in the State. Rent must be paid at the beginning of each rent-paying term or as stated in the lease (CC 2703).

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