Massachusetts Rental Agreement Templates

Massachusetts Rental Agreement

Massachusetts lease agreements are available for any lessor (person collecting rent from the property) to allow a lessee to pay rent to occupy space. In addition, to covering the term of the lease and payment agreement, these contracts also include the landlord’s policies regarding the usage of the property and prohibited activities. Before approving a lease agreement, landlords will often require potential tenants to undergo a rental application process to determine their creditworthiness.


Massachusetts Residential Lease Agreement

Massachusetts residential lease agreement is a fixed-term agreement between a landlord and tenant for the use of property in return for rent. Prior to signing an agreement, a landlord may require a tenant to complete a rental application to verify their income and credit. 

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Massachusetts Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

The Massachusetts month-to-month rental agreement allows a landlord and a tenant to create a “tenancy at will” in which either party may change or void the agreement with at least thirty (30) days notice. The contract has no end date and renews monthly with each rent payment. 

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Massachusetts Rental Application Form

The Massachusetts rental application form is a document that a landlord sends to a prospective tenant to fill out with information about them and their rental history. The information is used for screening purposes and to decide whether to rent or lease the property to the applicant. 

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Massachusetts Roommate Agreement

Massachusetts Roommate Agreement delivers a method for roommates to document the living arrangements they agreed to. This is conducive to a mutually beneficial living arrangement since it removes any confusion factor over what was said when the agreement was first set to action. Even with the best intentions roommates may remember different versions of the same agreement. For instance, a group of students sharing an apartment may not necessarily remember what was said six months prior to a disagreement. Since the Master Lease does not apply to the agreement set between roommates, a written document signed by all parties will remove differences in opinion on what the original terms were.

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Massachusetts Commercial Lease Agreement

Massachusetts commercial lease agreement is a real estate contract presented to a tenant that intends to occupy a commercial space for business use. Unless the tenant is looking to take the space “as-is,” the landlord may have to invest some money into the property to remodel and give the lessee a “vanilla box” shell to operate. Whether it is an office, retail, or industrial property, the landlord should make sure that tenant’s operating businesses provide a security deposit and/or provide a personal guaranty to make sure there is not a loss on the investment.

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Massachusetts Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – The landlord may demand the tenant for an amount equaling first (1st) and last month’s rent (two (2) months total) as a security deposit (§ 15B(1)(b)(i-ii)).

Returning – Security deposits must be returned within thirty (30) days from the date that the tenant vacated the property (§ 15B(4)).

Massachusetts Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – In accordance with federal law, potential tenants of any property built before 1978 must sign off on a notice that states the possible presence of lead paint.

Fire Insurance – Upon written request, the landlord must disclose the property’s fire insurance policy to the tenant within fifteen (15) days of the request (§ 21).

Inventory Checklist – A maximum of fifteen (15) days after the landlord receives a security deposit or from tenancy start date (whichever is later), the landlord must issue the tenant with a notice of the property’s current condition and, furthermore, allow the tenant to write down any additional defects (§ 15B(2)(c)).

Security Deposit Disclosure – Within thirty (30) days of accepting a security deposit, the landlord must give the tenant a notice that includes the landlord’s name, the amount of deposit, the bank location, and the account number (§ 15B(2)(a)).

Massachusetts Rent Grace Period

Tenants must be given a grace period of thirty (30) days to pay their rent before the landlord can apply any interest or late fees (§15B(1)(c)).

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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