Houston Property Management Companies

October 4, 2023

Houston Property Management Companies

Specialized Property Management Houston

Specialized is committed to taking the stress and complications out of property management for you. Boasting over three decades of local real estate expertise, they offer first-rate property management services tailored to your needs. Whether you’re looking for help with just tenant placement or you prefer a fully hands-off experience, Specialized is ready to assist you at every turn.

To initiate the process, they offer a free consultation to thoroughly understand your goals and needs. They also conduct a rental evaluation to set the perfect price for your property, ensuring it’s primed for showing and leasing.

When it comes to filling your vacancy, their team pulls out all the stops. They advertise your property through both virtual and live tours across more than 100 leading rental platforms. They also rigorously screen all potential tenants, verifying employment and conducting checks on credit, criminal, and rental history. Plus, they prepare and execute leases that are fully compliant with legal standards.

You can rest assured with their tenant guarantee: if a tenant placed by Specialized doesn’t work out within the first ten months, they’ll find a replacement at no extra charge to you.

For day-to-day operations, Specialized offers a comprehensive suite of management services. These include regular property inspections, 24/7 maintenance coordination, effective communication with both tenants and clients, timely rent collection, in-depth financial reporting, and adept handling of lease renewals and evictions when necessary.

Shannon Property Management

Shannon Property Management, based in Houston, TX, specializes in managing single-family homes, small multifamily complexes, and commercial business parks. Founded by Houston natives Steven and Greg Shannon, the firm offers stability and peace of mind by understanding the dynamic local real estate market. The team ensures online portal access for owners and residents, automated statements, advanced marketing tools, 24/7 maintenance support, quick responses to inquiries, in-house technicians, low vacancy rates, and comprehensive screening processes.

Sugarland Property Management

  • Address:  1650 Hwy 6 S. Ste 350, Sugar Land, TX 77478
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 281-302-5689
  • Website: https://www.sugarlandpm.com/

Sugarland PM offers the full spectrum of rental advantages without the burden of everyday property management tasks. Initially, they conduct a complimentary rental assessment to estimate your potential rental income and pinpoint any possible upgrades to boost your revenue. They also prepare your property for the market. When your property is lease-ready, Sugarland PM broadcasts the listing on the MLS and over 300 other prominent listing platforms, showcases the property to prospective tenants, conducts comprehensive screening of applicants, and formulates the lease in line with Texas Landlord-Tenant regulations. Their ongoing management services encompass rent collection, tenant liaison, coordination of routine and urgent maintenance, lease renewal discussions, handling evictions, and accounting. Owners can access monthly and annual financial reports anytime via the online 24/7 owner portal.

Ashoka Lion Property Management

  • Address: 5444 Westheimer, Suite 1000, Houston, TX, 77056
  • Service Types: Residential and HOA
  • Phone number: 832-364-6025
  • Website: https://www.ashokalion.com/

Ashoka Lion is a company that is dedicated to residential property and association management, managing all facets of both areas to conserve your time, money, and alleviate stress while enhancing profitability. The company aids in tenant placement by marketing your vacancy, conducting showings, screening potential tenants, and drafting leases. This ensures that your property is occupied by reliable tenants, contributing to a steady cash flow.

In terms of daily management, Ashoka Lion oversees inspections and maintenance, offers an online portal for rent collection, renews leases at the prevailing market rates, and carries out evictions of delinquent tenants when necessary to regain a stable cash flow.

In addition to these services, Ashoka Lion’s HOA management collaborates with the Board to develop a personalized management plan. This plan aids in supporting members, managing community maintenance, budgeting, bookkeeping, and community services. It also provides web services for increased accessibility and other tailored solutions to maximize the potential of your community.

Edinson Property Management

Established in 2006, Edinson Property Management boasts a skilled team of six professionals catering to the Houston region. They provide a diverse range of services tailored for homeowners and pledge to deliver top-notch service to both property owners and renters. They actively promote properties, conduct routine checks, oversee upkeep and fixes, and manage all tenant interactions. Additionally, they offer an online platform for owners to access their portfolios, financial statements, and accounting.

For those seeking similar expertise in Dallas, Dallas property management companies offer a range of services tailored to the unique needs of the Dallas real estate market. These companies specialize in residential property management, employing local market knowledge and professional acumen to ensure your investment is well-managed and profitable. With a focus on tenant satisfaction and property preservation, Dallas property management firms are equipped to handle all aspects of property management, from tenant screening and leasing to maintenance and financial reporting, providing a comprehensive solution for property owners in the Dallas area.

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