Lincoln Property Management Companies

October 5, 2023

Lincoln Property Management Companies

Century Sales & Management, LLC

  • Address: 2855 S 70th St Ste. 200, Lincoln, NE 68506
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 402-437-8321
  • Website:

Century Sales & Management is a family-owned business that specializes in offering a full range of property management services. Since their inception in 1981, they have evolved from a small team to become one of Nebraska’s leading third-party management firms. Their highly skilled and experienced team has earned the trust of over 100 different investment groups, and they currently manage a portfolio of more than 4,000 units. 

They offer a full suite of management services tailored for both residential and commercial property owners, ensuring a hassle-free experience. Leveraging cutting-edge technology, they excel in marketing your property effectively and filling your vacancies with high-caliber, long-term tenants as quickly as possible.

In terms of tenant placement, they have got all the bases covered. From setting the right rental price to advertising your available space, hosting viewings, rigorously vetting potential tenants, and drafting leases in line with Nebraska’s landlord-tenant laws, they manage every aspect. Their objective is to make sure your property is occupied by tenants who are both reliable and respectful.

During the lease period, Century oversees all regular and emergency maintenance, maintains open lines of communication with tenants, ensures timely rent collection, carries out detailed property inspections, manages all property-related expenses, and even takes care of lease renewals and evictions when needed. To keep you in the loop, they offer monthly financial summaries and year-end tax preparation through our 24/7 online owner portal.

Arrow Capital

  • Address: 2000 S 10th St, Lincoln, NE 68502
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 402-875-5555
  • Website:

Arrow Capital is your go-to partner for real estate investment, serving both buyers on the hunt for investment properties and current property owners looking to boost their income. They offer a tailored set of services to meet your unique needs. Arrow Capital provides a free market analysis that includes a detailed portfolio review, in-depth market research, and a customized financial plan. This comprehensive package empowers you to make well-informed choices when selecting the ideal property to lease.

For those who already own property, they offer a no-cost rental analysis that spells out what you can expect in terms of rent. This invaluable insight helps you decide whether or not to move forward with leasing your property. They know that finding the right tenant is crucial, so they conduct rigorous background checks on all applicants. Their far-reaching advertising campaigns are designed to attract a wide pool of potential tenants, ensuring that you find the best match for your property.

Once a tenant is in place, you can sit back and relax. Arrow Capital handles all tenant and property-related tasks for you, from communicating with tenants to coordinating maintenance and repairs. They also take care of rent collection and bill payments, making the entire process as smooth as possible for you. 

Also, they offer monthly financial reports to keep you in the loop about your property’s financial health at all times. 

Guiderock Commercial Realty, LLC

  • Address: 1530 S. 70th Street, Suite 102, Lincoln, NE 68506
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 402-421-7474
  • Website:

Guiderock is your go-to partner for property owners and investors aiming to earn passive income from their real estate investments. They offer a full suite of services to either help you acquire your next rental property or get your existing one ready to list at premium rates. Their rental analysis not only gives you a fair market price for your property but also suggests improvements to enhance its earning potential. 

To fill vacancies quickly, Guiderock leverages popular online listing platforms. They also screen all potential tenants for both rental and criminal history, ensuring that you get quality occupants for your property. When it comes to daily management, Guiderock takes care of everything – collecting rent on time, providing 24/7 emergency response, and conducting regular property inspections to avoid costly issues down the line.

If needed, they also manage lease renewals and handle eviction processes, helping you maintain a steady and reliable income stream. All of this is tracked and reported monthly through an owner portal, giving you a clear picture of your investment’s performance.

Best Choice Property Management

Best Choice PM offers a full suite of services, including turnkey investment solutions and tailored brokerage, leasing, and day-to-day management options. This makes it incredibly easy for you to get started, regardless of your location.

Their team will comb through the market to find an investment that perfectly aligns with your objectives. They will arm you with valuable market insights and perform an in-depth cash flow analysis to help you formulate a solid investment strategy. Plus, they will walk you through the acquisition process and collaborate on any needed renovations or improvements to maximize your property’s rental value.

Also, Best Choice PM offers a comprehensive property management experience. From marketing and showings to tenant screening and leasing, they take care of everything needed to quickly fill your vacant property with a reliable tenant. Additionally, they manage rent collection, maintenance, lease administration, and provide ongoing reports throughout the lease term. This ensures your property remains a profitable asset without demanding your constant attention.

Rental Real Estate

  • Address: 427 N. 33rd St, Lincoln, NE 68503
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 402-489-6345
  • Website:

Rental Real Estate (RRE) boasts an impressive legacy with over 124 years of collective expertise. When you partner with RRE, they don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution. They take the time to understand your unique management needs, craft a bespoke marketing strategy, and set the right price for your property to ensure it’s primed for the rental market.

Their tenant placement services are comprehensive. They don’t just find any tenant, they meticulously screen potential renters, ensuring they have the right background and fit. And when it comes to the legalities, RRE is well-versed in Nebraska’s landlord-tenant laws, ensuring that the lease they draft is both fair and compliant.

Once a tenant is in place, RRE remains your steadfast partner. From overseeing maintenance and conducting inspections to ensuring open communication with tenants, they’ve got it covered. They handle the rent collection and disbursement, and even navigate the complexities of lease renewals and evictions when necessary. And to keep you in the loop, RRE provides in-depth monthly and annual financial reports.

Continuing the discussion of comprehensive property management services, it’s worth noting that the expertise and dedication seen in these Nebraska-based companies are mirrored in the property management Kansas City market. Kansas City property management companies, much like their Nebraska counterparts, offer a range of services tailored to both residential and commercial properties. These firms are known for their strategic approach in managing real estate assets, ensuring that property owners in Kansas City experience the same level of professionalism and efficiency. With a strong focus on tenant satisfaction and property maintenance, these companies strive to maximize the return on investment for property owners, while maintaining high standards of living for tenants. Their argumentative edge lies in their ability to balance the demands of the market with the needs of their clients, making them a formidable force in the property management sector.

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