Chicago Property Management Companies 

September 2, 2023

Chicago Property Management Companies 

Keyrenter Property Management Chicago Metro

Keyrenter Chicago Metro is committed to easing your burden by offering management services that save you time, money, and reduce stress. Their comprehensive approach not only provides valuable assistance but also minimizes the financial risks associated with leasing your property, thanks to their guarantees and protections.

In the realm of tenant placement, Keyrenter ensures that you secure high-quality tenants to occupy your vacancies. They offer a tenant guarantee that covers situations where a tenant prematurely breaks their lease. In such instances, Keyrenter will replace the tenant at no extra cost to you. They also provide $1,000 in pet damage protection for screened pets, allowing you to attract a wider tenant pool and potentially set higher rental rates without fretting over potential damages.

Regarding property management, Keyrenter handles all tenant and property-related responsibilities. These include rent collection, tenant communication, and maintenance coordination, among other tasks. You can trust that any maintenance issues will be addressed promptly and accurately. If the initial repair doesn’t meet the standards, Keyrenter offers a follow-up service at no charge, ensuring the job is done right the first time.

With Keyrenter, you gain access to their exceptional services and have the flexibility to choose the specific services you need. Whether you require tenant placement, property management, or both, Keyrenter ensures that you only pay for what you genuinely need. Their aim is to streamline the property management process and instill in you the utmost confidence in their capabilities.

33 Realty, LLC

  • Address: 357 W Chicago Ave #100, Chicago, IL 60654
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 773-692-6335
  • Website:

In the tumultuous climate of the 2008 market downturn and housing crisis, 33 Realty stood out as one of the rare real estate companies that managed not only to launch but also to flourish. The owner, perceiving the growing need for superior property management, seized this opportunity to establish the company. The foundational principle was resilience, with the firm designed to withstand the unpredictable highs and lows of the real estate cycle while providing comprehensive property management and real estate solutions to their investment clients.

33 Realty employs a blend of innovative management strategies and assertive income generation tactics, ensuring that their clients receive unparalleled property management care. They leave no stone unturned in their quest for excellence, striving to ensure that every property they manage maintains a high occupancy rate.

Moreover, 33 Realty maintains excellent relationships with vendors, which helps keep operating costs for property owners to a minimum. They understand the importance of clear and regular communication, providing property owners with detailed, meticulous reports that offer unparalleled insight into their investments. This level of transparency ensures that owners are always in the loop regarding the status of their investments.

High Fidelity Property Management

High Fidelity Property Management, a reputable company based in the city of Chicago, is entrusted with the oversight of an impressive portfolio comprising over 1,000 properties. Deviating from conventional property management practices, this dynamic team employs a comprehensive and meticulous approach to optimize the marketing strategy for each property under their care. Such unwavering dedication to their craft has led them to identify total demolitions and the construction of bespoke spec homes as viable alternatives for certain locations, a decision based on thorough analyses and informed by their extensive expertise.

The range of management services offered by this esteemed team is truly comprehensive. From conducting in-depth rental rate investigations to providing comprehensive financial assessments, their meticulous attention to detail ensures that every facet of property management is meticulously handled. Moreover, they excel in the arena of tenant interaction and fostering positive tenant relations, prioritizing open and transparent communication to ensure that tenants feel heard and valued.

PRG Property Management

  • Address: 1000 N. Milwaukee Ave Ste 201, Chicago, IL 60642
  • Service Types: Residential, commercial, and HOA
  • Phone number: 312-600-8896
  • Website:

PRG, a versatile real estate and association management firm, presents an array of solutions catering to different stakeholders. Whether you’re an investor looking to acquire profitable properties, a property owner aiming to optimize rental income, or a community board member seeking to reduce oversight responsibilities, PRG has got you covered. They provide you with a comprehensive market analysis, free of charge, to aid you in discovering suitable investment prospects. Moreover, they offer a complimentary rental analysis, offering insights into your potential income, as well as recommendations for cost-effective enhancements. PRG’s consulting services possess an astute understanding of your investment goals and, armed with this knowledge, craft tailor-made solutions for portfolios of all sizes and types. Should property management be your requirement, PRG can assist with tenant acquisition and daily property management, ensuring that your tenants remain satisfied and payments are made promptly. As for association managers, PRG extends assistance in various domains, ranging from budgeting and dues collection to record-keeping and project management. Their services can be meticulously tailored to provide your community with the necessary support it needs to thrive.

Fulton Grace Realty

  • Address: 1400 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, IL 60622
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 773-698-6648
  • Website:

Fulton Grace Realty offers a comprehensive range of services encompassing sales, leasing, and property management. With a diverse clientele consisting of private investors, developers, and property management firms, this dynamic company excels at minimizing vacancies and maximizing rent yields for its valued patrons. Notably, Fulton Grace’s rental division consistently outshines the competition in Chicago, boasting an impressive portfolio of prosperous rental transactions.

Fulton Grace boasts an unparalleled property management services package, delivering unrivaled quality at competitive rates. In fact, the company goes the extra mile by providing free two hours of complimentary maintenance work each month, ensuring that its clients’ properties are well-maintained and operating at peak efficiency. It is no wonder that Fulton Grace has garnered an impeccable reputation for its unswerving commitment to customer satisfaction, exemplified by an abundance of glowing client reviews, which reflect its stellar service standards.

They earned numerous accolades, one of which includes a coveted spot on Crain’s prestigious list of the Top 100 Places to Work in the Chicagoland area for both 2018 and 2019. Furthermore, for a remarkable five-year stretch, Fulton Grace has consistently secured its place on the illustrious Inc. 5000 list, proudly marking it as one of the fastest-growing private companies in the entire United States. 

Additionally, it’s crucial to underscore the expertise of Madison property management companies. These companies, much like their Chicago counterparts, are renowned for their expertise in managing a diverse range of properties, from residential to commercial spaces. Madison property management companies stand out for their robust approach to property management, seamlessly blending traditional methods with innovative strategies to maximize property potential and profitability. Their argumentative edge lies in their ability to not only maintain properties efficiently but also to enhance their value over time, ensuring that property owners see a significant return on their investments.

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