Jacksonville Property Management Companies

October 9, 2023

Jacksonville Property Management Companies

Keyrenter Property Management – Jacksonville

Keyrenter provides all-inclusive property management services with safeguards to reduce your leasing uncertainties. Leveraging the latest technology for promotions and property showings, they ensure more applications at an optimal price point. If they can’t secure a tenant within a month, they’ll manage your property for free for the first month. 

Additionally, if a tenant they placed has to be evicted, not only will they find a new tenant at no cost, but any follow-up maintenance after their vendor’s first visit won’t cost you a dime. 

Also, you only pay their management fee once you’re fully satisfied, thanks to their contentment guarantee.

Compass Property Management Group

  • Address:  2044 Gilmore Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 904-598-1557
  • Website: https://www.compasspmg.com/

Compass Property Management Group (CPMG) stands as a distinguished residential property management firm, primarily serving the Northeast Florida regions of Jacksonville, St. Augustine, and Lake City. With a reputation built on expertise and dedication, they offer tailored management solutions to meet the diverse needs of property owners.

CPMG proudly presents two distinct management options. Their full-service plan is a holistic approach that covers a wide spectrum of services. This includes in-depth rental analysis, strategic advertising, rigorous tenant screening, and more. They also manage maintenance tasks, address any homeowners association (HOA) concerns, and deliver detailed monthly and annual financial reports, giving a clear picture of the property’s financial health.

For property owners who prefer a hands-on approach, CPMG has the tenant-placement-only (TPO) option. This streamlined service focuses on advertising the property, showcasing its features, thorough tenant vetting, and collecting the initial rent and security deposit. Once this is accomplished, the reins of management are gracefully returned to the property owner.

Regardless of the chosen plan, clients can be confident in CPMG’s unwavering commitment to securing the best tenants for their properties. Their seasoned team, with a wealth of experience, ensures that tenants not only meet the required standards but also add value to the community. In essence, whether it’s comprehensive property management or tenant placement, CPMG consistently aims to surpass client expectations with their exemplary service.

Solstice Realty

  • Address:  3830 Williamsburg Park Blvd, Suite 7G, Jacksonville, FL 32257
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 904-886-3100
  • Website: https://solsticerealty.net/

Solstice takes immense pride in offering expertise in effective marketing and property management, deeply rooted in a thorough understanding of the local community. Their success is attributed to their team of realtors who are not merely professionals but also residents of the vibrant Jacksonville area. This local affiliation provides them with invaluable insights into various neighborhoods, enabling them to adeptly market properties and navigate the fluctuating rental market, ensuring you receive the highest possible returns.

Solstice’s exceptional services cater to two distinct groups: investors aiming to acquire rental income properties and property owners exploring leasing as an alternative to selling. For investors, their comprehensive approach spans from property identification to deal finalization, ensuring a wise and profitable choice. Conversely, property owners looking to diversify their income through leasing can rely on Solstice to deliver top-tier property management.

The array of property management services offered by Solstice is truly comprehensive. From managing the entire leasing process to efficient rent collection, they ensure your interests are safeguarded. Their commitment to superior service includes promptly handling maintenance requests, providing 24/7 emergency support, and expertly managing any eviction situations that may arise. 

Suncoast Property Management

  • Address:  5711 Richard Street, Suite 1, Jacksonville, FL 32216
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 904-517-5939
  • Website: https://suncoastrentals.com/

Suncoast Property Management, a full-service real estate and property management company based in Jacksonville, proudly manages an extensive portfolio of over 1,500 properties, including those in some of the city’s most upscale neighborhoods. Notably, properties managed by Suncoast typically find new occupants in under two weeks, providing property owners with the assurance of minimal vacancy periods.

The adept team at Suncoast is not only proficient in property law but also offers a wide array of services. These include expert marketing and advertising of properties, coordinating with reliable contractors for repairs and remodeling, and conducting thorough tenant screening. Beyond its substantial Jacksonville portfolio, Suncoast Property Management also oversees properties across Northeast Florida and Georgia, showcasing its significant presence and expertise in the real estate and property management sector.

Morgan Property Management

  • Address:  1059 Beach Blvd, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250
  • Service Types:  Residential only
  • Phone number: 904-302-9020
  • Website: https://www.morganpm.com/

At the heart of their approach is the understanding that a content tenant is pivotal for successful leasing. This is why they diligently conduct inspections at various stages: before listing properties, during the move-in phase, periodically throughout the lease, and upon move-out. These thorough checks act as a protective measure for your valuable investment. Through their initial market evaluations and in-depth inspections, they pinpoint areas needing enhancement, thereby boosting the property’s value.

Their meticulous tenant screening process not only reduces turnover but also ensures the property is well-maintained. For tenants, the availability of 24/7 emergency maintenance services offers peace of mind and a comfortable living experience. The online portal further facilitates timely rent payments, adding to their convenience.

For property owners, the process is made even smoother. They can effortlessly access crucial financial data, including expenses, profit and loss statements, and tax documents, either monthly or annually. This streamlines the often complex financial side of leasing.

In the dynamic landscape of Florida’s property management, Miami property management companies also stand out with their unique offerings. These firms, much like their counterparts in Jacksonville, specialize in providing comprehensive services tailored to the vibrant and diverse Miami real estate market. With a keen understanding of local trends and a commitment to excellence, Miami Property Management companies ensure that property owners and tenants alike receive top-notch service, whether it’s in residential or commercial real estate.

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