Rochester Property Management Companies

November 13, 2023

Rochester Property Management Companies

Key Performance Property Management

  • Address:  2144 Brighton Henrietta Town Line Rd, Ste 200, Rochester, NY 14623
  • Service Types:  Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 585-770-7126
  • Website:

Key Performance is dedicated to maximizing your rental property investment, focusing on ensuring you receive the highest possible returns with minimal personal time commitment. Starting with a no-cost rental analysis, they streamline the process for you, setting the right price for your property, uncovering ways to boost your income potential, and offering renovation services to get your property lease-ready or to implement suggested enhancements.

They promise that within 30 days, their tenant placement services will secure a top-tier tenant for you, thanks to their wide-reaching marketing and comprehensive background checks, which also offer you protection from evictions, lease infractions, and pet-related damages.

Their services come with a satisfaction and results guarantee, meaning you only pay once your property starts generating income. Plus, you have the freedom to cancel their services anytime without facing any penalties.

Gallagher Property Management

  • Address: 1504 Scottsville Rd, Suite #102, Rochester, NY 14623
  • Service Types:  Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 585-235-4337
  • Website:

Gallagher Property Management offers a comprehensive suite of services to simplify the complexities of property ownership. This includes everything from complete property management to upkeep, sales, and property renovations. Their team collaborates closely with you to enhance your revenue and safeguard your property investment, providing a tailored experience thanks to their boutique size. In their tenant placement services, their certified agents will craft and distribute a property listing, widely promote it, showcase the property to potential renters, vet applicants by checking their credit, criminal, and eviction records, and manage all the details of the move-in process. Gallagher stands behind their service with a promise that any tenant they secure will complete at least a one-year lease, or they will find a new tenant for your property without any extra charge. Their day-to-day management encompasses thorough property checks, in-house repairs, collecting rent, managing tenant interactions and conflicts, financial planning and record-keeping, renewing leases, carrying out evictions, and much more.

Park Oxford Properties

Park Oxford Properties provides a range of services to landlords, investors, and property owners in Rochester, aimed at enhancing their revenue by managing their rental properties effectively. The company offers comprehensive property management, including tenant vetting, promotional activities, financial management, and regular inspections to ensure the upkeep of properties, optimize cash flow, and secure appropriate renters. Established in 1972, this family-run business has a long-standing tradition of serving the Rochester community.

Flaum Management Company, Inc.

  • Address: 400 Andrews St #500, Rochester, NY 14604
  • Service Types:  Commercial only
  • Phone number: 585-546-4866
  • Website:

For over three and a half decades, Flaum Management Company, a prominent player in the commercial real estate field, has been diligently operating since its establishment in 1985. Their expertise lies in effectively promoting and facilitating the occupancy of a wide array of properties, ranging from offices and retail stores to industries and expansive plots of land. With a comprehensive and all-encompassing approach to management, Flaum Management Company tirelessly handles every aspect of ensuring smooth and fruitful leasing experiences for both investors and property owners.

Their comprehensive management services encompass contract negotiations, leasing processes, routine inspections, and maintaining tenant relationships. Additionally, the firm is equipped to handle building maintenance, offering a 24/7 emergency repair service. They also provide accounting and financial services to help property owners monitor their expenses and income. Furthermore, Flaum Management Company offers consulting services to deliver solutions in real estate management.

Eastman Property Management

Eastman is a comprehensive real estate management firm, catering to various property types and assisting buyers in identifying exceptional investment opportunities. They also aid property owners in enhancing their rental income. Their services are designed to fulfill all the requirements of an investor and property owner, enabling you to earn passive income from your investment without needing to immerse yourself in the industry, establish tenancy, or manage daily operations. 

Eastman offers assistance in preparing your property for leasing, crafting and marketing listings to attract a diverse pool of potential tenants, showing the property, vetting prospective tenants, and creating leases compliant with New York landlord-tenant laws as part of their tenant placement service. They provide either full-service or routine management plans, where their internal maintenance team takes care of all repairs, renovations, and professional trade services, ensuring your property remains in top condition and your tenants are content and safe. 

Additionally, they handle rent collection, bill payments, direct deposit of funds into your bank account, and offer comprehensive financial reporting, including profit/loss statements and annual tax information, to streamline the financial aspects of property rental.

Continuing our conversation about property management services, those in the Philadelphia area can turn to local property management companies for similarly top-notch assistance. Property management Philadelphia companies specialize in both residential and commercial properties, offering a range of services tailored to the unique needs of the Philadelphia real estate market. Their expertise in local market trends, legal compliance, and tenant relations ensures that your property is not only well-managed but also maximizes its income potential.

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