Property Management Grand Rapids: A Comprehensive Overview of Top Companies in the Area

November 13, 2023

Property Management Grand Rapids

Edgerow Property Management

Edgerow is committed to maximizing the profitability of your investment property with their all-encompassing management services that include both leasing and everyday operations. They offer assistance in finding tenants and handle the day-to-day requirements of your property, enabling you to be as involved as you prefer, thus facilitating a steady stream of passive income.

The process begins with a detailed rental analysis to set the right price for your property. Following this, Edgerow crafts an attractive listing that showcases your property’s best features and promotes it on popular online rental platforms, as well as in local publications, to attract a wide pool of potential tenants.

Furthermore, Edgerow takes great care in screening potential tenants to ensure that your property is in good hands. They also prepare comprehensive leases that adhere to legal standards, providing protection against future legal issues.

Their daily management solutions cover everything from property maintenance to rent collection, bill payments, lease renewals, handling evictions, and detailed reporting. 

Qwest Property Management

  • Address:  146 Monroe Center NW Suite 1130, Grand Rapids, MI 49503
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 616-954-5900
  • Website:

Qwest Property Management offers a comprehensive suite of residential property management services for clients in and around Grand Rapids. Their experienced team is dedicated to addressing the rental needs of both property owners and tenants. They specialize in effectively marketing and advertising properties, ensuring they are available for viewing seven days a week, implementing thorough tenant screening processes, and conducting detailed video property inspections.

For those curious about the potential rental value of their homes, Qwest Property Management provides a no-cost rental price analysis through their website, offering homeowners a glimpse into the current rental market value of their properties. This service is designed to help property owners make informed decisions about renting out their homes in today’s market.

Lighthouse Property Management

  • Address:  202 44th Street SW, Grand Rapids, MI 49548
  • Service Types: Residential and commercial
  • Phone number: 616-257-9577
  • Website:

Lighthouse Property Management is dedicated to maximizing the profitability of property owners’ investments while upholding their sense of pride in ownership. From the beginning, the company has specialized in managing residential properties. LPM is committed to enhancing the value of each property in the ever-evolving real estate market by meticulously monitoring rental prices and considering potential rent hikes at the time of lease renewals. The team is proactive in identifying additional sources of revenue to boost their clients’ earnings. This includes utilizing a full range of services such as painting, lawn maintenance, and snow removal during contract negotiations to enhance the overall financial performance.

LPM offers a comprehensive suite of residential management services, including but not limited to, property leasing, collection of rent, implementation of preventative maintenance programs, generation of computerized inspection reports, coordination of advertising efforts, thorough tenant background checks and screening, detailed computerized maintenance records for each property, oversight of employees and contractors, and the management of all bill payments.

Forseman Rental Property Management

  • Address:  7590 Eastern Ave SE, Grand Rapids, MI 49508
  • Service Types: Residential only
  • Phone number: 616-644-5914
  • Website:

At Forseman, their primary objective is to remove the hassle from property leasing, enabling you to unwind and savor the steady income that comes with it. They offer specialized tenant placement and management services, but you can also opt for our all-inclusive property management solutions, which are adaptable to meet your specific requirements.

In the realm of tenant placement, they manage everything from advertising your property with savvy marketing techniques to arranging viewings for prospective tenants, ensuring they get a real feel for the place. They are meticulous in their applicant screening to ensure they find dependable tenants, and they are adept at navigating the legalities to ensure lease agreements are up to standard with local and state regulations.

Their day-to-day management services are comprehensive, including proactive and emergency maintenance, routine inspections, and diligent rent collection. They keep the lines of communication with tenants open, handle lease renewals with ease, and offer eviction protection services when necessary.

To keep you in the loop, they provide detailed monthly financial reports that track the performance of your property. 

Shift Property Management

Shift PM is dedicated to streamlining the rental property process for you, providing services for tenant placement and daily management that enable your new or existing rental to generate income with minimal effort required from you.

They kick off with a complimentary rental analysis to project your potential earnings and suggest cost-effective enhancements to attract tenants and reduce vacancy time. Following that, they craft and market a listing for your property to maximize exposure to potential tenants.

Their thorough screening process vets all applicants for rental and criminal history, along with proof of income, ensuring your home is in responsible hands. They also prepare custom leases to maintain legal compliance and financial security, aiming to cut down on unforeseen costs during the lease period.

Their day-to-day management services mean you can remain hands-off while we manage tenant and property issues, ensuring rent is collected and disbursed promptly for a steady cash flow. Regardless of your level of involvement, their on-demand owner portal reports provide detailed insights into your earnings and property status.

Detroit property management companies, while not listed here, also offer a range of services similar to those provided by the Grand Rapids-based firms. The Detroit-based companies specialize in managing various types of properties, including residential, commercial, and mixed-use spaces. They are known for their strategic marketing approaches, comprehensive tenant screening processes, and efficient handling of day-to-day property operations. Their services are designed to maximize property owners’ income while minimizing the hassles of property management, making them a go-to choice for property owners in the Detroit area.

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