Oregon Rental Agreement Templates

Oregon Rental Agreement

Oregon rental lease agreements allow for a property owner and a tenant to create a rental contract over the use and occupation of a property. The document will serve as a point of reference for both parties, solidifying their rights and responsibilities. Once an agreement is authorized it becomes legally binding for both parties. Prior to presenting the agreement to the tenant, the landlord will often have them fill out a rental application.


Oregon Residential Lease Agreement

The Oregon residential lease agreement (“rental agreement”) is a written contract for the exchange of the temporary use of a residential property for regular, periodic payments (“rent”). The parties involved in the agreement are known as the landlord (“lessor”) and the tenant (“lessee”).

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Oregon Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

An Oregon month to month rental agreement allows a tenant to lease property from a residential landlord with a lease that can be canceled at any time with 30 days’ notice. The contract is structured to not have a set term but instead renews each time the tenant makes their monthly rental payment. 

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Oregon Rental Application Form

The Oregon rental application form is a document that allows a landlord to access background screening information about potential tenants. This can help them find the best tenant to rent their property. Screening happens before the landlord considers entering into a lease agreement. 

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Oregon Roommate Agreement

An Oregon roommate agreement is between individuals living in a shared residence. The agreement outlines the rules of the property and when certain times are meant for peace and quiet. Whether the roommates have private or shared bedrooms, the common areas are to be shared by all the residents. Therefore, a roommate agreement allows the best chance for a mutually benefitting living situation.

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Oregon Commercial Lease Agreement 

An Oregon commercial lease agreement is written to bind two (2) parties, a landlord and a tenant, to the terms and conditions associated with the renting of commercial real estate. Due to the lengthier term of a commercial lease, the landlord will generally conduct a thorough examination of the entity’s business practices and credit history to ensure that they’ll be reliable, long-term tenants. 

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Oregon Disclosures

Person Authorized to Manage the Premises (§ 90.305) – An agreement must include the name and address of the individual that is authorized to manage the property. If any official notices are sent to the landlord, they will be sent to this person.

Carbon Monoxide Alarms (§ 90.316) – If the property has a carbon monoxide source due to a heater, appliance, or any other type of carbon-emitting unit the landlord must fit the premises with carbon monoxide alarms pursuant to the State Fire Marshal’s rules (See Guide). In addition, if the alarms are battery-operated, the landlord must provide new batteries at the commencement of the tenancy.

Flood Plain (§ 90.228) – If the residence is located in the 100-year Flood Plain then the landlord must convey this information to the tenant.

Lead-Based Paint Disclosure – Only applicable to all residential units built prior to 1978. Landlords and managers are required to issue this disclosure form to all members of the lease agreement.

Move-in Checklist (§ 30.01.087(D)(1)) City of Portland ONLY) – Landlord must give a move-in checklist to the tenant who will have seven (7) days from the commencement of the lease to complete it. If the tenant does not complete it, the landlord will be obligated to take digital photos and complete the checklist within seventeen (17) days and return it to the tenant.

NSF (Dishonored) Check (§ 30.701) – If the landlord is to charge a fee to the tenant for a check written that does not clear it must state the fee but cannot be more than thirty-five dollars ($35).

Outstanding Notices/Pending Suits (§ 90.310) – If the property has four (4) or less residential units then the landlord must inform the tenant of the following (if applicable):

  • Any outstanding notice of default under a trust deed, mortgage or contract of sale, or notice of trustees sale under a trust deed;
  • Any pending suit to foreclose a mortgage, trust deed or vendors lien under a contract of sale;
  • Any pending declaration of forfeiture or suit for specific performance of a contract of sale; or
  • Any pending proceeding to foreclose a tax lien.

Recycling (§ 90.318) – For all multi-family units of more than four (4) units and located in an Urban Growth Boundary (click the map) the landlord must provide instructions to the tenants on the ways to recycle.

Security Deposit Receipt (§ 30.01.087(B)(1)) (City of Portland ONLY) – Within two (2) weeks after the landlord received a security deposit from the tenant a receipt must be returned to them. The receipt must detail the name and location of the bank where the funds are being held.

Smoking Policy – The landlord must let all tenants be aware of the rules on smoking on the premises. The landlord and tenant must initial and sign.

Utility/Service Fees (§ 90.315) – If there is any fee that is benefitting the landlord or other tenants that the tenant is obligated to pay for it must be listed in the agreement.

Oregon Security Deposits

Maximum – No State maximum. Although, in the City of Portland, Oregon (§ 30.01.087(A)(1)) a landlord may only charge 50% of the monthly rent amount.

Returning (§ 90.300) – The landlord has thirty-one (31) days to give the funds associated with the deposit back to the tenant.

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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