Alaska Rental Agreement Templates

Alaska Rental Agreement

Alaska rental agreements are used to legally bind a lessor (landlord) and lessee (tenant) to a rental contract (residential or commercial property). After the lease is signed, 1st month’s rent and the security deposit are due. After payment, the tenant will be given access to the premises. The tenant is allowed to move in on the first (1st) day of their lease start date unless permission to take possession on an earlier date has been given by the landlord.


Alaska Residential Lease Agreement

An Alaska residential lease agreement creates a rental arrangement between a tenant and landlord over the use of the property during the time span. The landlord may ask to check the credit and background of the person looking for a lease to ensure that an eviction will not be likely in the future.

Once the parties have come to an agreement and a contract is signed, access to the premises will be available to the tenant immediately. The tenant and landlord will be obligated to abide by the terms and conditions of the lease until the end of the term.

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Alaska Month-to-Month Rental Agreement

The Alaska month-to-month rental agreement is a real estate contract for a property located in Alaska where a landlord and the lessee desire to be in short term arrangement. The contract renews every month upon the rental payment being received for another period (usually thirty (30) days) and continues until one (1) of the parties decides to discontinue the arrangement. After signature by all parties, the agreement becomes valid and the tenant is able to gain access to the property.

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Alaska Rental Application Form

The Alaska rental application form is a document that is used by landlords to collect the personal information of prospective tenants. The information collected is used to screen the tenant to learn more about their rental history, credit, and other factors that help determine eligibility.

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Alaska Roommate Agreement

The Alaska roommate agreement (“room rental agreement”) is a document that co-tenants in a shared residential situation must sign. This contract lays out the responsibilities of each cotenant, including financial expectations, terms, and conditions. It must be signed by all of the rentals’ inhabitants.

In the state of Alaska, should two individuals occupy the same dwelling, but one or more not be included on the lease, the landlord may expect the individuals to sign what is known as a room rental agreement, or a roommate agreement form. This form provides basic liability coverage for the individual who is included on the lease provided by the landlord. In most cases, the form allows the individual who is not on the lease to agree to specific terms, such as what will be paid in relation to the security deposit, rent, and other utility payments.

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Alaska Commercial Lease Agreement 

The Alaska commercial lease agreement is a contract used by a business to rent warehouses, industrial space, office spaces, or shopping centers. It is a written document that describes the terms and conditions of renting the space and establishes the relationship between the landlord and the tenant or business.

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Alaska Security Deposit Laws

Maximum Amount ($) – Two (2) months’ rent. No cap if the monthly rent is more than $2,000 (AS 34.03.070(a)).

Returning – Fourteen (14) days if the tenant did not violate the lease. Thirty (30) days if the tenant violated the lease and owes the landlord or there is damage in premises after the tenant vacated the property. (AS 34.03.070(g))

Alaska Required Disclosures

Lead-Based Paint – If the property was constructed before January 1, 1978, this disclosure must be completed and signed by the landlord.

Property Manager – The landlord agrees to either give their information (name and address) to the tenant or someone that is authorized on their behalf to access the premises (§ 34.03.080).

Tenant’s Absence – This statement must be written in the lease agreement: “If the tenant does not occupy the premises for a period of more than seven (7) days it is agreed that the landlord shall be informed.” Therefore, if the tenant does not notify the landlord of such an absence, they would be in direct violation of the lease (§ 34.03.150).

Alaska Rent Grace Period

No grace period in Alaska. Rent is required to be paid by the date listed in the rental agreement (AS 34.03.020(c))

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.

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