Upgrades to Attract Health-Conscious Renters

August 9, 2018

These days, renters expect more from their homes. Many want to live in a place that naturally inspires health and wellness. By implementing smart home upgrades that make it easier for renters to stay fit, you’ll broaden your appeal among health-conscious renters while creating a vibrant apartment community and increasing tenant quality of life.

Add a Community Garden

Many renters want gardens not only to enjoy, but to grow their own food. If you have a community garden on-site, tenants can grow healthy food in plots they manage. They can mingle with neighbors, make friends, and trade produce. Better still, you’ll have less landscape to maintain. To increase the utility of your community garden, look for local environmental educators and farmers to partner with. You may even want to host a farmers market at your facility — bringing fresh produce directly to your renters!

Develop Fitness Trails On Site

If you have a large lot, adding walking and running trails is a great way to make use of your landscape to promote an active lifestyle and attract health-conscious renters. Tenants will love being able to walk, bike and run — just steps from their apartments.

Add a Sunshade to Outdoor Common Areas

A sunshade extends the use of your outdoor common areas by blocking solar light and heat. This is healthy because it blocks UV rays, which can cause sun damage and painful sunburn. A large sunshade is an easy solution to cover an entire patio. If you want tenants to choose whether they want sun or shade, patio umbrellas are a convenient solution that also increases the curb appeal of your apartment complex.

Offer Secure Bike Storage and Repair On Site

Biking to work is a great way to exercise and reduce your environmental impact. Yet for renters who bike to work, their need for secure storage often goes unmet.

Protect the environment and tenants’ health by offering secure bike storage. Make this deal even sweeter with on-site bike repair from local bicycle mechanics.

Develop an On-Site Fitness Center

Maybe your apartment has a pool for tenants. Do you also have a fitness center? Even a simple weight room with some gym mats offers a convenient place for tenants to work out. Upgrade this with a few elliptical machines, treadmills or stationary bikes. If your on-site gym looks dated, add a fresh coat of paint and replace outdated equipment to immediately infuse new energy.

To take thing even further, offer free or low-cost fitness classes. Yoga teachers, personal trainers, boot camp instructors and other fitness professionals are always looking for new communities to host classes. By offering your site and keeping costs low, you can incentivize renters to select your apartment and demonstrate your facility encourages health and wellness. This can even be a way to make money by opening classes to nonresidents for higher fees.

Have a Quiet Room in the Lobby

A quiet room serves the mental health of residents and allows people to meditate, relax or even nap. All you need is a small room with padded mats, comfortable yoga blankets, and a soothing white noise machine. If you have an extra closet or nook in your apartment lobby, this puts it to use while demonstrating that you care for the well-being of residents.

Set Up a Massage Room

For a luxury amenity that renters will appreciate, consider having a massage room on-site. Not only is massage therapeutic and relaxing, it offers a host of mind-body benefits. Instead of having to travel to a day spa, renters can just go upstairs and receive a soothing massage from a masseuse you’ve hired. All you need is a simple room with a storage cabinet. A massage therapist will come to your apartment complex with a massage table and take care of the rest!

By investing in the health and wellness of your renters, you’ll create a happy community of renters who reward you with their loyalty. You’ll also win positive press and acclaim in your local market, strengthening your reputation as a desirable place to live.

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