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How to Calculate Rate of Return on Investment?

Investors usually buy investment real estate in order to make money from rental income.Many people who buy investment real estate will not hold it for very long before they intend on selling it.

Regardless of intent, it is important for investors who modify their real estate investment collection, know how to calculate return on investment (ROI) to determine return on ownership.

How much money can you earn by renting real estate? Both monthly, annually, and let’s say 10 years for example. What is the rental yield, cash flow and cash back?

The profitability of rental property can vary greatly based on factors such as monthly income, expenses, government fees, interest rates, and so on. With our return on investment calculator you can determine the positive and profitable properties of cash flow.


What does return on investment mean?

Rate of return on investment measures how much the return on investment is as a percentage of the original investment value. This is an indicator of how efficiently the money invested in real estate is used.

How to calculate return on investment?

To define return on investment for your real estate, you first need to calculate net operating income (NOI).

The net operating income formula includes rent and other income, as well as expenses such as property taxes, insurance, utilities, repairs and maintenance, property management expenses, and so on. Use the net operating income calculator to determine it.

However, keep in mind that if you have mortgage payments on a leased property, be sure to include debt payments, cash down payment and closing costs in the calculation of the return on investment.

There are two ways to determine the return on investment from a rental property, both depending on how you pay for your property.

Return on investment formula for real estate purchased with cash:

ROI = (NOI + appreciation) / cost

If you finance your real estate purchase with all cash to calculate real estate return on investment, add net operating income and appreciation of the real estate’s value and divide it by the initial purchase price.

How to calculate return on real estate investment purchased with debt:

ROI = (NOI – mortgage payments + principal paid down + appreciation) / cash cost

In case if you purchase real estate with debt, don’t forget to include your mortgage payments, any principal you financed, and real estate appreciation, as well as money you spend on the down payment and closing costs.


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