Landlords: Check your Toilets for this Hidden Danger

April 20, 2019

If you’ve ever faced plumbing problems in your rental before, you know what a formidable foe water can be. Although leaks and clogs can happen without warning, there is one potential catastrophe you can avoid just by checking the manufacturer and date on your toilet tanks.

You might be in danger if…

After dealing with thousands of cases where the tank cracked without warning, property inspectors now caution landlords to check their old Crane toilets to make sure they don’t have a defective one.

How to check for potential problems

To make sure your toilet is not in danger of cracking due to manufacturer error, remove the lid and find the serial number inside the tank that is stamped into the porcelain.

If it begins with “V” and the third and fourth numbers are 80 through 91 (the year it was made), you may want to replace your toilet as soon as possible.

There are several horror stories of landlords who didn’t realize they basically had a ticking bomb in their bathroom and ended up with massive flooding problems. By taking two minutes to check your tank, you could end up saving yourself thousands of dollars.

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