6 Ways to Keep Your Rental Safe

August 22, 2022

Keeping your investment safe is a top priority for many landlords. Not only do you want to protect your investment, but you also need to take precautions when it comes to keeping your renters safe as well. Making sure that both your property and renters are secure will raise the level of your property as well as cut down on turnover. Check out these rental safety tips to keep yourself and your tenants protected.

Install Lighting

Illuminating your rental property is one of the easiest ways to keep your property safe. Having enough adequate lighting that automatically turn on will help keep walkways safe and add character to your outdoor area. Walk through your rental property at night and look for areas that need extra light or two. Make sure that there is plenty of light around your home to see all of the property even if your renters don’t choose to turn on their exterior lights. Floodlights are an
excellent choice for illuminating the sides of a building while pathway lights will help keep renters safe while walking to their home at night. Check out solar options that will help cut down your overall electricity cost as well.

Install Sturdy Doors

Whether your rental property is a home or a large apartment complex, the entry doors to the house should be stable and in good repair. Make sure that any door issues are immediately addressed and consider replacing damaged doors to make your property safer. Check the threshold of the doorway, as well as the trim surrounding the door, to make sure the door is a tight and secure fit. This also should be done for backdoors and any other access point that an intruder may have to your property from the outside. Also, consider installing peepholes in the doors for an added measure of security.

Change the Locks

Your renters will feel more secure if they have a deadbolt lock on their exterior doors. Changing the locks is customary for many rental properties when a renter moves out. If you aren’t already changing the locks, make this a regular part of your turnover procedures soon. Keys can be easily copied and given to friends making your property a target. Changing out the locks doesn’t take too long and can be one your first line of defenses against unwanted visitors.

Mount Cameras

One way to safeguard your backyard and home is to add cameras as part of your security system. Thanks to current technology, you can find a wide range of cameras available from those that are motion sensors to those that are taping all of the time. Check out your local home improvement store for low priced options that will add much security to your property and put your mind at ease. If cameras are still out of the budget, consider mounting fake cameras in certain areas of your property to deter unwanted activity.

Secure Windows

Putting proper window locks on your rental property is essential to keeping both renters safely inside, especially children, while also guarding against those wanting to gain access. Installing locks on second story windows are necessary to guard against falls, but you may also want to install locks on lower level windows as well. Installing window locks will help keep secure for what is easily accessible to intruders. Make sure that all windows are also in good working order and quickly respond to any maintenance issues about a sticky window or broken lock as those could become fire safety hazards as well.

Make Exit Points Clear

Keeping the entrance and exit points of your rental property clear is also an excellent way to safeguard against unwanted visitors. Keep large bushes trimmed that could hide visitors to your property. Consider placing a camera at each entry and exit point to your property to know who has arrived and departed if a suspicious activity has occurred. Also making sure that the entry and exit points are clear allowed emergency personnel to enter quickly and renters easy access to leave in case of an emergency.

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