Oregon Emergency Rental Assistance Programs


Oregon CARES+ Programs:

  • Oregon COVID Rent Relief Program

Oregon Housing and Community Services (OHCS) has created an $8.5 million Rent Relief Program to provide assistance to people who have experienced loss of income and are at risk of homelessness due to COVID-19. OHCS will disperse the funds through 18 CAAs (local agencies).
UPDATE: At the June Joint Emergency Board meeting, state lawmakers unanimously allocated $95 million in Coronavirus Relief funds to OHCS for housing stabilization, rent assistance and energy assistance. $55,000,000 is dedicated to emergency rental assistance. These resources will augment the COVID Rent Relief Program announced by the state in May.

The City has provided emergency rent assistance funds to our trusted partner, Community Action. Community Action provides a range of support for renters from emergency payments to longer term assistance depending on funding availability and eligibility requirements. The City of Hillsboro has provided $50,000 in March and will provide another $50,000 in April to support the emergency payment assistance program for tenants facing eviction.

Funding is allocated to Jackson County residents in need of rental support, who experienced a loss of income, have compromised health conditions, are at risk of losing housing, were diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19, and/or were displaced or unstably housed due to public health measures for reducing the spread of COVID-19. The funding is for anyone at or below 80% Area Median Income residing in Jackson County.

Lane County renters can apply for part of $5.1 million in federal COVID-19 CARES Act rent assistance.  “Rent assistance can be used for rent payments and arrearages, manufactured home rental space (‘lot rents’), housing relocation assistance and more,” according to Lane County.

Rent assistance for Lane County residents is available thaks to the COVID-19 CARES Act – but officials expect the limited number of applications to fill up quickly. The application period begins at 9 a.m. on Friday, October 16. Depending on your income status you can receive between $3,200 and $6,100 dollars in rental assistance.

  • COVID-19 Rent Relief Program: City of Portland

On August 7th the City announced $29 million in rental assistance will be made available to households impacted by the COVID emergency.  Will provide up to 3 months of rent assistance to eligible households, prioritizing rent payments due on and after October 1st as rent moratorium allows rent accrued through Sept 30 to be deferred through March 2021.  Expected to help more than 4,300 households between now and December 31st.

The City of Portland announced a Household Assistance Program on Friday. It’s worth $15 million and will help 27,000 people living in Portland. The help comes in the form of a one-time payment of $500. It is designed to help cover basic expenses, including food, medicine, dependent care, transportation, and rent and utilities.

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.


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