Georgia Emergency Rental Assistance Programs

Georgia ERAP Treasury Programs:

The Georgia Department of Community Affairs will begin administering the State of Georgia Rental Assistance Program (GRA) in early March 2021. GRA can help renters with their past due rent and utilities. Payment will be made directly to landlords and utility providers.

The purpose of the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Rent Relief Program (DHHLRRP) is to provide financial assistance to native Hawaiians on the DHHL Waiting List who experienced financial hardship due to the COVID-19 pandemic and are renters in the state of Hawai’i. This program is being supported in whole, by federal award number 23.021 awarded to the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

On February 9, 2021, DeKalb County CEO Michael Thurmond announced receipt of a $21 million grant from the Federal Emergency Rental Assistance program. CEO Thurmond convened a Tenant-Landlord Assistance Coalition comprised of public and nonprofit partners. The coalition will provide financial relief to DeKalb renters threatened by eviction and landlords facing revenue losses—both due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Georgia CARES+ Programs:

To help combat the expected wave of displacement, city officials are allocating $22 million to “expenditures related to consumer grant program to prevent eviction and assist in preventing homelessness.”

An Atlanta not-for-profit, Star-C, has established an Eviction Relief Fund. It is a rent matching scholarship that helps qualified residents timely pay their rent and continue to raise their children in their same school. The program is administered through landlords that operate apartments at rents below 80% AMI in low-performing school districts.  Participating landlords are willing to forgive a portion (10%) of the outstanding rent balance, waive late fees, and an agreement not to evict in exchange for Star-C paying a portion of delinquent rent.

  • Atlanta COVID-19 Emergency Housing Assistance Program 

This is the second phase of the city of Atlanta’s rental assistance program,  administered by the United Way of Greater Atlanta.

United Way of Southeast Georgia and The City of Stateboro have joined together to establish a COVID-19 Relief Fund to provide assistance to families and individuals who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19 pandemic and its economic consequences. This fund will be used to help families retain stable housing by assisting with rent and utility payments when grace periods are not offered and to provide financial assistance for additional critical needs.

In an effort to aid renters adversely affected by COVID-19, qualified renters who currently reside in single family homes, condos, attached homes, and apartments in Cobb County can now apply for up $4,800 to help pay their rent. The funding comes from the $132 million allocated to the county in the federal Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act and will be administered by HomeFree-USA, a certified HUD approved non-profit in housing.

The City of Savannah CARES Act Fund at United Way is here to assist residents of the City of Savannah in maintaining stable, safe housing regardless of household income. The fund helps you pay past due mortgage, rent, or utility balances from March through August 2020 from the loss of income directly related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The rental and mortgage fund will be administered by United Way of Southeast Georgia The maximum amount of assistance per family for assistance is $3,000.00. The fund will provide assistance to citizens of Statesboro who are struggling with paying rent or have fallen behind on their mortgage payments due to COVID-19.

These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as legal advice. Landlords and Tenants are encouraged to seek specific legal advice for any of the issues as found in this blog.

  1. Candyce Brewer

    Please if you can help please could you get back in contact with me at 347 208 1601 that’s my phone number thanks.

    • Angelee Smith

      My name is Angelee I am three months behind on rent with Haven wood Springs a fairway management property. The address is 525 Don Cutler Senior Drive
      My number is 104 I am in need of assistance My company that I employed with is lacking funds therefore my pay was delayed. Therefore my rent had been late to keep my apartment I will have to pay in full on May 4, 23 by close of business. Respond at your earliest convenience🙏🏿

  2. TamaraDunagan

    Help us we are being evicted we have no car my husband was killed in an accident 3 was ago we have no family we have no one to help us now that my husband has been killed we are 3 lost souls who need help

  3. Stephanie

    You can reach out to Ben on 6788409230 if you still need help

  4. Nasia Ward

    I was approved. But I haven’t heard assuring, nether has my landlord. Can someone contact me back. Plz

  5. Venus

    I am looking for rental assistance. Can someone please help? Thanking you in advance. 470-524-9452

  6. Rodney Evans

    Good afternoon my name is Rodney Evans I have a wife and 6 kids 3 of them are special need we are in a very bad situation where we fell behind on rent and it’s hard to catch up.we have a monthly income,which we are paying our rent a month behind for the last month.Me and my family are asking for a one time help just to catch up.Kids are still in school and our lease is up 6/30/23 we have and evictions noticed and court date is 4/11/23
    Could you please help me and my family…. thank you so much

  7. Chantell Rudolph

    Hi, recently I have fallen behind on rent and would like to see if I could get some assistance before the end of this week, due to the fact the fund that I’m making are not enough for me to stay a lot and a lot because I lost two of the closest people to me where I can had be out of work to grieve, heal and work on my mental health as well. Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

  8. Shawanna

    Good morning I am asingle parent. My son and I have been homeless for the last 2 years. I was blessed to find us an apartment now my assignment has ended. My rent is past due for June and I have accumulated late fees. I cannot go.back to living on the streets, he is now a sophomore in high-school. I am currently seeking employment. Please help me to keep us a place to stay. Please!!!!!


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