Free Rental Billing Statement Template

 Billing statement template is those templates that record the list of all the debit and credit transactions being made during a particular period and which are available on excel, which can be easily printed, emailed to the customer at any time. These could be implemented for billing invoices, customer account relationship management, including general invoicing.

Difference Between Billing Statement and Invoice

The billing statement provides all information contained in past invoices of a specified date. On the other hand an invoice contains a list of items purchased, cost per unit and the total of all the items in the list. In other words, the billing statement itemizes all the invoices already paid and all those that have been partially paid. Moreover, Invoices are issued whenever a sale has been completed whereas the billing statement is only issued periodically.

A professionally designed billing statement is always an essential part of your business. It is why you need to focus on drafting a well-organized and easy to use comprehensible billing statements.

In the case of the landlord and tenant relationship, the billing statement can be customized to include a list of properties lent out, including the furnished materials to keep a record.

If the landlord has multiple properties lent out to several tenants, the billing statement can be saved, and a copy of the same can be created and can be sent to every tenant through email.

If you desired that billing statement should not include prior payments in the statement, you could simply include only current month transactions in the billing statement to be sent to your customers.

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